Opera 3.62 for EPOC Launched

Opera's Latest Release Will Define mInternet

Opera Software today released the full version of Opera 3.62 for EPOC, firmly placing itself as a major player in the wireless space. Opera 3.62 for EPOC is fast, user-friendly and flexible. The browser is the first product to arise from the company's effort to make Opera's Internet experience available from a wide variety of devices.

Opera 3.62 for EPOC is already a success for Opera Software. Psion Plc signed earlier this year with Opera Software to include it as the default browser on their Series7 and netBook range.

"There is a huge interest for our browser in the EPOC community," says Jon von Tetzchner, Co-founder and CEO, Opera Software. "EPOC is one of the most important platforms in the Post PC Era (PPE) we are moving into, and with this release Opera Software confirms it will be one of the giants in the wireless space," he concludes.

Already in 1997 Opera Software saw the emerging market for Internet devices, and started porting Opera to operating systems other than MS Windows, Soon Opera for EPOC is joined by the Linux, Mac, Be, and OS/2 platforms in the Opera family of Web browsers.

"Opera 3.62 for EPOC has all the Opera trademarks of speed and functionality," says Keith Hollis, Lead Developer EPOC, Opera Software. "Opera is simply the best Internet experience available on the EPOC platform today," he ends.

Opera 3.62 for EPOC features Web browser functionality, full colour (256 colours) support, full zooming key mapped to a range of zoom levels, 128-bit encryption, SSL 2 and 3, TLS 1.0, HTML 3.2, Support for Java Applets using EPOC native Java implementation, JavaScript 1.1, and CSS1.

With the release of Opera 3.62 for EPOC, the EPOC team at Opera Software has started the job to move EPOC into its 4.0 version.

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