Paradigm Advanced Technologies Inc. Awarded Significant Agreement to Supply GPS Tracking Solution for Pets

Paradigm Advanced Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB:PRAV) of Toronto, (, through its PowerLOC wireless-position-location division, announced today it has signed an agreement to provide PowerLOC's proprietary "L-Biz" technology LSP (location service provider) solution and mobile tracking devices to iTrackPets, Inc. of Point Roberts, WA.

This technology will provide iTrackPets with a location-based application that will be used to track the whereabouts of domestic pets as well as farm animals. iTrackPets has made a substantial deposit towards the customization of the product to their specifications.

According to the terms of the five-year agreement, iTrackPets expects to purchase over (US)$20 million of PowerLoc's pet location devices during the first year, of which (US)$2 million is scheduled to be shipped by the end of Q4/00.

"PowerLOC will sell its location-based solution which includes the TR-20 customized mobile GPS tracking devices, the Tracker TR101, which is the LSP server and its proprietary software, providing the mapping, wireless network/Internet connectivity and other billing and management functions," says Paradigm's President/CEO Eduardo Guendelman. "Our new generation miniature GPS module, integrated with a wireless modem, will be mounted on the animal's collar. The agreement represents a unique application to supply the North American pet industry with a new brand of GPS technology."

iTrackPets, Inc. offers pet owners an immediate solution to track a lost pet using satellite surveillance, wireless communication, the Internet and a pet collar. iTrackPets' newly-patented and trademarked technology will not only notify the pet owner of their pet escaping its pre-set boundaries by immediately calling the owner's cell phone or pager, but it will also enable the owner to log onto the Internet and instantly discover the lost pet's location, leading to a swift rescue.

"We have been looking for a company like Paradigm to provide a tracking solution for quite some time," adds iTrackPets' CEO John Edmondson. "We thoroughly researched the industry and we felt Paradigm's technology was the most advanced and reliable.

"There are 65 million dogs in the US and 10 million go missing each year. Only 14 per cent of lost dogs are reunited with their owners. This solution will increase the safety of pets and decrease the number stray dogs," says Edmondson.

Paradigm is the exclusive worldwide agent of a broad-based wireless location patent (US Patent #B1 5,043,736) covering the apparatus and method of transmitting position information from satellite navigational signals (like GPS) over cellular systems to a base unit, and displaying the location of a person or object so equipped. Paradigm's ownership covers all fields of use for the patented system, excluding criminal justice applications. The company announced on May 23, 2000 that it has secured an agreement to acquire the above rights for US Patent #B1 5,043,736. Visit Paradigm's web site at that showcases some of its advanced new wireless location technologies and products.

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