Partner Communications Launches WAP Cellular Internet Services

Partner Communications Company Ltd. (NASDAQ: PTNR) today announced the launch of WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) cellular Internet services for orange(TM)subscribers.

The new services launched today enable orange(TM) customers to surf the net through their cellular handsets, and to access a wide range of sites and services which have been specially adapted for cellular users.

The services are menu guided, so that access to sites is easy and convenient, and does not require typing information, or memorizing any access codes. Users of the WAP services, using at this time specially offered Ericsson and Motorola handsets, can directly access a dedicated server, enabling approach to a variety of Internet services. These services include information (news, sports, entertainment, leisure, etc.); an index of sites adapted for cellular surfing; an ability to send e-mails and SMSs; a bill update application; "my menu" - the ability to personalize and customize a list of site most suitable to the customers' needs; a range of "help" facilities; and information about the unique orange(tm) services both in Israel and abroad.

"The WAP services introduced today, can be accessed from Israel or while roaming abroad on most foreign GSM networks, so that the information and personalized access systems will provide easy and convenient services for orange(TM) subscribers anytime anywhere", said Amikam Cohen, Partner Communications' CEO. "Partner is again leading the cellular market in Israel with the most innovative services, using the most advanced technology, and providing best values to our subscribers", Mr. Cohen Added.

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