Hitachi Unveils First CDMA Color Phone Model C309H at Unwired Universe Conference, Inc. (Nasdaq:PHCM), a leading provider of mobile Internet software, applications and services, today announced from the Unwired Universe conference its newly released UP.Browser® microbrowser v3.2 with support for color display. The UP.Browser v3.2 supports 8-bit color images for advanced displays using portable network graphics (PNG) format and allows users to select their own color preferences. The color microbrowser also supports the ability to download images, screen savers, and animation sequences that together provide a richer, friendlier user experience with exciting entertainment capabilities.

Also from the Unwired Universe conference Hitachi, Ltd. unveiled the new wireless handset Model C309H, the first CDMA phone to use the UP.Browser microbrowser v3.2. The new model will be available in the fall. “Color screens will greatly enhance the wireless Internet capabilities of our phones,” said Masaki Kawase, general manager of Hitachi’s Digital Media Products Division. “We are pleased with the exciting new innovations included in’s latest version of the UP.Browser microbrowser. With color capabilities, our operator customers will be able to provide new services that grab the user’s attention, such as color image downloads.”

“These important new features will enable DDI, DDI-cellular group and IDO, Hitachi and other UP.Browser microbrowser licensees to offer Japanese consumers exciting services that will drive increased adoption and higher traffic while enabling new content revenue opportunities,” said Jeff Damir, group vice president of’s Device Products Group. “This project is indicative of our strategy to partner with our operator customers and leading handset vendors to rapidly innovate, and deliver new, compelling capabilities to the market.”

“As the first operator to promote the color version of’s UP.Browser, DDI, DDI-cellular group and IDO is demonstrating our dedication to providing our subscribers with the newest advances in wireless Internet services,” said Hiroshi Sakai, Board Director and General Manager, Mobile Communications Engineering Division of DDI. “We’re excited about the new breed of services the color UP.Browser will allow us to offer consumers, including content and applications that Japanese consumers will find productive and entertaining. “

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