New Co-developed Applications will be Powered by's Location Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq:PHCM), a leading provider of mobile Internet software, applications and services, today announced collaborative relationships with key Internet content partners to broadly enable a new class of location-based applications. will work with for location sensitive m-Commerce, DoubleClick (Nasdaq: DCLK) to enable location-based advertising, In-Fusio for location-based games, and Go2Systems for community and content applications.

Wireless software developers have relied upon's software developer program and technology to format their content for mobile phones in a reliable, cost-effective manner for over four years. The introduction of the™ Mobile Location Server and reflects the company's commitment to furthering the wireless Internet, providing developers with the tools necessary for building more enhanced applications. is working together with the leading applications providers to develop and promote the location technology as the preferred platform for developing location-based Internet applications.

"'s location solution takes a leadership role in ensuring strong subscriber protection through privacy management, access controls, and other identity protecting capabilities, assuring end users that their location information is fully protected, " said Mark Hopper, senior product marketing manager for "Providing this kind of assurance enables wireless carriers and content providers to focus on business operations and brand management."

" sets an important precedent for the management of user privacy for the wireless Internet by requiring companies to request a consumer's permission before their location may be used," said Jamie Byrne, Director of Emerging Platforms, DoubleClick. "By giving consumers control of the usage of their data, the Mobile Location Server protects user privacy while providing carriers, wireless publishers and companies like DoubleClick with the tools to deliver highly targeted and relevant content, services and advertising. We look forward to working with and privacy groups to ensure wireless advertising meets the standards of fair information practices."

"Wireless shopping allows customers to shop wherever and whenever they want. Amazon and are collaborating to enable the easiest and most location relevant purchase engine for mobile shoppers. Either through online purchases or in support of our partners, Amazon is in an exciting position to drive location sensitive m-Commerce," says Ali Hussein, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Amazon Anywhere.

"We are delighted to be a part of's Mobile Location Server API," said Go2 founder and president, Lee Hancock. "As Go2 Systems continues its lead in developing and providing location-based wireless content, this new alliance allows Go2 even greater distribution for its location-centric products and services."

"Gaming is a universal killer application and now one of the hottest areas for wireless Internet," commented Giles Corbett, managing director of In-fusio, the Mobile Fun Company™. "Given the small screen size, and the intrinsic mobility of the devices, our gamers now want to turn the world into their playing field-this is precisely what a new generation of games designed with the mobile location API will enable us to do."

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