Teams with SignalSoft to provide Subscriber Location Information for Mobile Internet Applications and Increased End-User Privacy, Inc. (Nasdaq:PHCM), a leading provider of mobile Internet software, applications and services, today announced an agreement with SignalSoft Corporation, the platform and applications developer of Wireless Location Services®, to develop a joint architecture that provides Internet applications with mobile phone location information. The new™ Mobile Location Server will serve as the Internet interface to location information provided by SignalSoft's Location Manager, a software hub between location determination technologies and location applications. The joint architecture is expected to be available to wireless network operators later this year.

The Mobile Location Server, interfaces with SignalSoft's software, and expands's enhanced services offering to enable wireless network operators to unlock a unique aspect of the mobile network - the ability to determine the location of the phone. The new offering will provide extensive end-user privacy management and will support both handset and network location determining technologies, including Mobile Positioning Centers (MPC) and leading Position Determining Equipment (PDE) technologies. The new offering will also allow operators to add or change location technologies as needed without affecting the development of their portfolio of content and application services.

SignalSoft's Location Manager provides network operators with the ability to offer E911 solutions, zone-based billing, tracking and location translation capability. The joint architecture is expected to provide operators with a complete location-enabled WAP platform to offer differentiated mobile location-based services.

This collaboration takes advantage of's leading position as the Internet infrastructure company-of-choice for wireless carriers and leverages SignalSoft's experience in providing personalized, automatic services based on the location of a mobile subscriber.'s Mobile Location Server will offer wireless network operators enhanced privacy management of sensitive subscriber data, an infrastructure to control the access to that data, and a robust Internet security framework.'s Mobile Location Server will also provide a common Application Programming Interface (API) for developers, which both companies will promote as the preferred environment for developing Internet applications. With more than 100,000 members in its Developer Program, expects to leverage these relationships to help foster the development of location-based Internet applications. Currently, 77 operators use's software, services and applications to provide wireless Internet subscribers with access to Internet- and corporate Intranet-based services, including unified messaging, content services, and mobile commerce. With the inclusion of SignalSoft's location-based software products, will now be able to offer operators new services and enhanced mobile commerce applications that take advantage of a subscriber's location to drive usage and increase customer loyalty.

"SignalSoft's experience in location infrastructure development will help us take advantage of the power of location for developing a new brand of wireless Internet applications," said Michel Quazza, Director of Product Marketing for "As operators look for more services to attract subscribers, location-based services make the possibilities of the wireless Internet even more attractive."

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