Wireless Internet Pioneers Launch Development Tools for Enhanced Location-Based Applications, Inc. (Nasdaq:PHCM), a leading provider of mobile Internet software, applications and services, today announced that it will incorporate Webraska's Personal Navigation API into the™ UP.SDK™ Software Development Kit (SDK). Wireless software developers are expected to benefit greatly from the partnership when they download the free SDK from's Web site at, and have the tools to access Webraska's real-time location-based navigation and mapping functions. As a result, developers will be able to create superior wireless applications, providing end users with useful location-based content and services.

Webraska's Personal Navigation API provides seamless access via the Internet to Webraska's Global Navigation Server offering, zoom-able street-level maps to all screen sizes and formats, multi-modal door-to-door directions that take into account one-way streets, traffic conditions and public transportation networks, enhanced spatial searching (ESS) based on shortest journey-time rather than shortest distance, and geocoding and reverse geocoding (converting addresses to latitude/ longitude co-ordinates and vice-versa).The Webraska Global Navigation Server is a worldwide database initiative aiming to cover all street-level maps, public transportation networks and real-time traffic information.

This agreement compliments the capabilities offered by the™ Mobile Location Server which was also announced today. The Mobile Location Server expands's enhanced services offering by enabling wireless network operators to leverage a unique aspect of the mobile network - the ability to determine the location of the phone. The platform provides extensive end-user privacy management functionality and supports both handset and network location determining technologies, including Mobile Positioning Centers (MPC) and Position Determining Equipment (PDE). Mobile Location Server provides operators with the freedom to add location technologies as needed without affecting application development.

The enhanced SDK, available later this year, will allow an application provider to request the location of a subscriber from the Mobile Location Server. The integration of Webraska's technology allows developers to add critical routing, spatial searching, and mapping capabilities into their wireless applications. Phone.Com will provide first level technical support for the Webraska Personal Navigation API to all its registered users.

Over 100,000 content developers currently use's SDK, including, Fidelity and Ticketmaster Online-Citysearch. Now, these developers are able to deliver wireless content specific to each subscriber's location. This capability adds unprecedented value to the entire wireless communication chain, from subscribers, to operators to wireless content providers.

"Webraska's navigation and mapping engines bring a new level of convenience to subscribers, especially those traveling and commuting," said Mark Hopper, senior product marketing manager for "With subscribers relying more and more on their mobile phones, operators are experiencing increased revenue and reduced churn. In addition, content providers are able to capitalize on phenomenal marketing opportunities based on location-specific behavior. It's a win-win situation for all parties involved. We expect this relationship to support continued growth of our SDK program."

"'s success in building a network of wireless software developers 100,000 strong is empowering a huge number of businesses to immediately enhance their offerings with location services," said Jean-Michel Durocher, CEO and founder of Webraska. "We are looking forward to working with and its developer community to create the most useful applications for wireless subscribers. The integrated API will provide developers with a secure solution for the deployment of robust Internet applications equipped with mapping, location request and routing tools. The new location development platform will also be instrumental in helping many e-businesses meet their wireless initiatives, especially mobile commerce."

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