Proxicom and Aether Enter Into Preferred Partnership to Sell and Support End-to-End Wireless E-Business Services

Alliance Brings One-of-a-Kind Offering for Wireless E-Business Solutions From Consulting, Development, Software, Wireless Engineering, Wireless ASP Services to Customer Support Proxicom, Inc. (Nasdaq: PXCM), a leader in e-business consulting

and development, and Aether Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: AETH), a leading provider of wireless data products and services, announced today the formation of a preferred partnership to provide expanded offerings for end-to-end wireless e-business solutions to their current and future customers. The partnership extends an existing relationship and includes joint selling, sharing of recurring revenue and license fees, marketing, training, research and development and customer support. The alliance will provide a comprehensive portfolio of services to address client needs in the burgeoning wireless e-business and mobile computing field.

As part of the relationship, Proxicom has been awarded a multi-million dollar project that will include supporting Aether's development of a mobile commerce portal. The mobile commerce portal will provide consumers access to all their financial resources, transaction capabilities with name-brand retailers, and the ability to make or receive payments electronically using any hand-held device.

"Mobility and accessibility are defining the new road to success for global businesses," said Raul J. Fernandez, chairman and chief executive officer of Proxicom. "Through Aether's unmatched capabilities in solving wireless technology complexities and Proxicom's leadership in developing and implementing multi- channel e-business solutions, this alliance will provide forward- thinking customers a market edge in maximizing this new technology."

The alliance signifies a preferred relationship status for each company; it also includes the establishment of two R&D labs. The agreement includes a revenue sharing initiative for Proxicom on sales of Aether recurring data services and licensing of Aether software. The alliance will be implemented through the use of joint sales and project teams, cross-training programs and co- location of staff to best serve clients, develop new wireless applications and opportunities, and drive the growth of recurring revenue services. This alliance extends an existing relationship, which presently involves collaboration on several wireless e-business engagements, including USA Today.

"Businesses that seek to be future leaders must e-enable their organizations and take them mobile," said David S. Oros, chairman and CEO of Aether Systems. "This means communications anytime, anywhere, from cell phones to the Internet and everything in between. The complexity to do this is extreme and therefore businesses need advice, technology and support to get them there. Proxicom is a respected global leader in the creation of e- solutions and knows how to define and create business transformations for its clients. Proxicom's services and people along with Aether's wireless data services and systems creates an unmatched offering in the marketplace."

According to Oros, Aether will fund training programs to support the partnership. Both companies will operate closely aligned, share referrals and invest in a multi-million dollar effort to jointly market and accelerate business development for the alliance. The conjoined team will approach the market under a vertical and geographic strategy to leverage each company's respective and complementary industry strengths and worldwide coverage.

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