PUMATECH's WAP Strategy Makes the Entire Internet Available to Users of Web-enabled Phones

Comprehensive Wireless Strategy In Evidence Throughout PUMATECH Product Line; PUMATECH Supports Key Standards Such As SyncML, Bluetooth, XML, and More

PUMATECH, Inc. (NASDAQ: PUMA), the leading provider of the essential software infrastructure for The Anywhere Internet, today announced a comprehensive strategy that permits WAP phone users to reach Web destinations that other WAP-based services cannot. This strategy is a by-product of PUMATECH's Mobile Application Platform (MAP), the common server platform on which the Company is building its new mobile solutions. Designed for maximum scalability and performance, MAP comprises products and services that deliver synchronization, Web-rendering/browsing, and change-detection/notification capabilities.

PUMATECH also announced that its MAP architecture will leverage virtually every important Internet and synchronization standard to deliver an open and extensible platform.

PUMATECH's WAP strategy is apparent in the Company's Mind-it software, which allows users of WAP phones, cell phones, handhelds, pagers, and PCs to track specific business and personal information on the Internet, as well as corporate intranets and extranets, and to be notified promptly when that information changes.

Mind-it provides powerful HTML-to-WML transformation capabilities -- featuring script-based HTML-to-WML conversion -- that ensure optimal viewing of personalized Internet content on WAP phones. This unique feature allows users to get back to any Web site they are tracking, without the need for re-authoring. This is a major advantage, since only about 5,000 Web sites are officially WAP-phone-enabled. Through this functionality, Mind-it truly opens the entire Web to WAP phone users.

PUMATECH's extensive wireless support also extends to several other members of its wide-ranging product line. Intellisync Anywhere(tm) software, for example, enables remote and LAN-based synchronization of calendar, e-mail, contacts, and tasks between handheld devices and Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Domino, via wireless or wireline connections. Intellisync Anywhere currently provides cHTML support via connectivity with DoCoMo wireless phones, and the next version of the product will support WAP phones.

In addition, the Sync-it(tm) synchronization service, available this fall on PUMATECH's upcoming Intellisync.com(SM) showcase Web portal, will provide simultaneous synchronization among multiple devices, including WAP phones, cell phones, pagers, handheld devices, and PCs.

Browse-it(tm) software, another component of PUMATECH's MAP architecture as well as Intellisync.com, delivers leading-edge Web rendering/browsing capabilities for Palm(tm) handhelds and a wide range of other mobile devices. Browse-it enables users to view Web content online while utilizing a wireless or wireline modem, and the option to take Browse-it "SnapShots" for offline viewing when wireless or wireline Web access is not available.

Finally, the Company's upcoming, server-based version of its Satellite Forms(tm) software, code-named "Vulcan", will allow users to create custom handheld applications that integrate with mission-critical corporate database information, via wireless or wireline connections.

"Our wireless strategy is predicated upon providing personalized Web content to mobile users, without the compromises that, for example, WAP phone users have had to endure with other products and services," said PUMATECH CEO and President Brad Rowe. "Owners of WAP phones should be able to get the info they need -- without being limited to certain Internet sites. PUMATECH opens a world of possibilities for these users with our MAP architecture and WAP strategy."


Through its MAP architecture, PUMATECH will support all of the key Internet and synchronization standards, including:

-- SyncML (sync protocol)

-- Markup language standards like HTML, cHTML (compact HTML; I-mode in Japan), WML, MML, XML and WAP

-- Internet and wireless protocols such as TCP/IP, HTTP, Bluetooth, IrDA, LDAP and SSL/TLS for security

-- Standard content formats such as SMTP (e-mail messages), MIME (e-mail attachments), vCard (address information), iCalendar (calendar data) and UTF-8 (character sets)

"It's essential that all PUMATECH products be wireless-enabled and support the key open standards," said Rowe. "As mobile users increasingly require access to highly relevant Web-based information, we plan to combine our extensive experience in the mobile arena with cutting-edge innovations to make wireless devices truly useful e-business tools."

"The breadth of the PUMATECH product family, with support for a wide range of wireless and Internet standards, makes PUMATECH an ideal infrastructure partner for everyone from service providers and portals to ISPs and enterprise accounts," said Tim Bajarin, president of Creative Strategies, Inc.

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