Sedona Launches Next Generation Internet CRM Solution With Wireless Functionality

Intarsia Features Include Wireless Access, ASP Delivery and Personalized Portal Capabilities

SEDONA(R) Corporation (NASDAQ: SDNA) ( today launched a significant new version of Intarsia(TM), its Internet customer relationship management (CRM) application for small-to-mid-sized financial service companies.

Building on its recently announced Intarsia V1.2, the new version provides for three major new capabilities: support for wireless devices such as laptops and handheld PCs; a new portal front-end that allows individual companies and users to personalize their own Intarsia look and feel; and immediate use of the software on an application service basis which will significantly reduce the cost and time required for a financial services company to implement a comprehensive CRM solution.

"This announcement is indicative of our aggressive plans to make Intarsia available to every small and mid-sized financial services company," said Marco Emrich, president and CEO, SEDONA. "The product offers significant capabilities such as profitability management and lead tracking, and now with the ability to personalize the system and use it in a mobile environment, we offer some of the best functionality found in any CRM environment of any size. Despite this additional robustness, Intarsia is even more cost effective for smaller institutions with its availability as an application service."

Intarsia's new wireless capabilities allow users to access the system without having to be "plugged" into an Internet connection. With mobile device usage on the increase, this new feature will grow increasingly significant as users become less tethered to an office location and travel or conduct face-to-face customer meetings outside of their offices. This is a critical requirement for competitive financial service companies striving to provide better customer service.

"SEDONA's Internet CRM application gave us a quantitative look at our customer information for marketing and customer service functions throughout our organization, which has over a dozen locations statewide," said Jay Coakley, vice president of marketing, Central Bancompany. "Our goal is to leverage the information to target the segments that have the best opportunity for a greater return on marketing investment and customer management. We are very excited to be able to participate in the beta program."

As an application service provider, SEDONA gives small and mid-sized companies the option of outsourcing a CRM solution (via the Web) at a low, monthly operational expense without having to purchase additional hardware or software as well as hire additional personnel to implement or maintain a new system.

"Having an Internet-based CRM system is critical to the success of Bremer's relationship management strategy," said Troy Beaver, senior vice president of marketing, Bremer Bank. "Intarsia is clearly the most affordable and comprehensive technology solution available to help us profitably manage our sales and marketing efforts."

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