SiRF's GPS Powers Brunton's New Multi-Navigator Handheld

New Personal Recreational Navigation Device To Be Sold Under the Silva Brand Name in Europe

SiRF Technology, Inc., the leading developer of global positioning system (GPS) technology, today announced that its SiRFstar(R) architecture is at the heart of the new Brunton Multi-Navigator, a complete personal multi-navigation system. Designed for any outdoor recreational use including hiking, boating and hunting, the system helps outdoor enthusiasts ascertain where they are and how to get where they're going.

The Multi-Navigator is the first handheld navigator that combines GPS with a built-in digital magnetic compass, an altimeter and a barometer to provide outdoor enthusiasts with position, directions and weather conditions. It includes a function that allows users to access a direct bearing back to the originating position, eliminating the need to retrace the entire route on the return trip. This feature is unique to the Multi-Navigator and can be especially helpful in emergency situations by providing an immediate bearing to safety.

It is available in more than seven languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch and Swedish and will be sold in Europe under the Silva brand name.

SiRF's SiRFstar architecture makes the Multi-Navigator one of the most reliable handheld navigational devices on the market by solving the problems of GPS signal reception caused by foliage and other obstacles. SiRFstar provides very fast satellite acquisition, providing a position fix within a few seconds, and signal reacquisition (time to navigation after the signal has been blocked by a solid object) in as quickly as 0.1 second.

The Multi-Navigator also uses SiRFstar's TricklePower(tm) mode, which reduces GPS power consumption by a factor of 10 to 15 times over traditional GPS architectures, resulting in significant battery conservation.

"Our ability to help enthusiasts find their way around depends on providing an accurate position fix, as quickly and reliably as possible," according to John Smithbaker, president of Brunton. "SiRF has the speed and accuracy we need to ensure this quality and reliability - in a very small footprint to fit our form factor."

"The Multi-Navigator is among a `new wave' of devices that will enhance and change peoples' lives, making it easier than ever to get around and participate in an unlimited range of outdoor activities," said Kanwar Chadha, founder and vice president of marketing at SiRF Technology, Inc. "As we continue our mission of making GPS viable for all consumer devices, we expect to see an explosion of innovations such as this to make location-awareness ubiquitous."

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