Software Tool Makes Windows CE Applications ''Run'' On DOS Systems

Application Development Suite Simplifies Migration to New Windows CE Hardware While Protecting Existing DOS Investment

Intermec Technologies Corp. announced today that one of its Premier Solutions Providers, Agentek, Inc. of Roswell, Georgia, provides a suite of software tools to help users of DOS-based data collection systems to migrate to Windows CE systems.

Agentek's Agent 2000(TM) has the automated data collection market's only integrated development environment (IDE) to create Windows CE applications that run on legacy DOS equipment. Intermec is partnering with Agentek to offer this migration path to existing customers of its DOS-based Janus(R) handheld data collection terminals.

"Agentek's universal software system solves the multi-platform issues of how to make software programs independent of hardware or device platforms," said Tim Phipps, Agentek executive vice president. "We also help companies migrate their existing DOS applications to the Windows CE environment while saving their legacy hardware investments. Now, because the application is platform-independent, customers don't need to incur separate application development expenses when implementing different hardware devices."

Agent 2000's development Wizards help migrate DOS functions from existing applications to Windows CE applications, automatically reinterpreting graphical-user interface (GUI) features with text or function-key commands. Agent 2000 supports ActiveX, COM and Visual Basic functions, even on DOS devices. Once converted, the Windows CE application runs on any DOS and Windows CE/9x/NT/2000 device.

More importantly, Agent 2000 can make version-specific Windows CE applications run seamlessly on all other Windows CE processors, creating an easy migration path from Windows CE 2.X to the new Pocket PC platform.

Agent 2000 benefits companies that want to add Windows CE devices to their data collection systems but are hesitant because of the cost and complexity of simultaneously supporting multiple platforms and applications, said Tom Schaefer, managing director of Intermec's Industrial Solutions Team.

"Migration to any new platform is typically seen as an `all-or-nothing proposition'," said Schaefer. "Agent 2000 builds an important bridge for ADC users. It offers the benefits of next-generation software on existing DOS terminals without the burden of supporting legacy operating systems, or the need for complete elimination of older devices."

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