Telekom Malaysia Launches WAP Services Based On Motorola's Mobile Internet Exchange Platform

Telekom Malaysia today launched advanced wireless internet services based on Motorola Mobile Internet Exchange(TM) (MIX) 130 platform solution. The introduction of the MIX technology means that Telekom Malaysia will be able to offer its cellular customers multiple wireless services using the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), Mobile banking and e-commerce etc.

Telekom Malaysia operates two types of two cellular networks: a GSM 1800 digital network and an AMPS/DAMPS network. Both of the networks will utilize the WAP-enabled MIX platform, with help of Telekom Multimedia (TMM). TMM, a major division within Telekom Malaysia, which currently offers Internet and other, advanced multimedia, services to Malaysian consumers.

"This launch gives Telekom Malaysia the ability to provide advanced wireless internet services to our customers. With this partnership with Motorola Telekom Malaysia intends to be the premier supplier of information and other services to the wireless users," said Dr. Md Khir Abdul Rahman Chief Executive Telekom Malaysia.

The first phase of the wireless services introduction will begin with TMM's offering of many WAP-based information services (a wide variety of local and international content), personal information management (PIM) and e-mail services. The second phase is intended to include the addition of e-banking and e-shopping. The third phase will bring voice-based access to information and services using VoxML (running on the MIX platform).

"This is the start of an important partnership between Motorola and Telekom Malaysia and both will be working closely together to deliver advanced services to Telekom's customers in Malaysia and abroad." Said Steve Shanck Vice President & General Manager of South Asia Network Solutions Division.

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