Completes Beta Test of Web-to-Wireless Application

In response to the explosive demand to bring web sites to wireless devices, today announced it has completed Beta testing its web-to-wireless wireless application that renders every existing Extensible Markup Language (XML) conversion product and service obsolete.

"Our platform is the only product on the market that makes it possible for data to be accessible on any type of wireless device from a Motorola (NYSE:MOT) or QualComm (Nasdaq: QCOM) phone to a Palm (Nasdaq: PALM) Pilot -- with no additional effort on the part of site owners," Ray Barton, president said. "You can't find this anywhere else in the world."

ThinkersGroup's ThinkMotion Unibrowse Application Programmer's Interface (API) seamlessly translates any Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) site to any wireless device with no site mapping, XML or outside conversion required. The technology transparently translates content "on the fly" to any handheld wireless device regardless of browser, protocol or markup language so all wireless devices are supported with no additional modifications.

"It's a major cost savings for companies seeking to go wireless," Barton said. "Plus, our unique technology does not require additional servers or more employees to maintain and update a second site."

"ThinkMotion is the wireless web browser of today, tomorrow and the future. As the wireless device market grows, users will expect to access the same information that they can access from their desktops," Darren Cioffi, Vice President of Sales and Marketing said.

"Until today, web sites had to be converted into a completely different format in order for wireless devices to have access. This is a waste of time and effort. Our ThinkMotion product is an intelligent application -- utilizing a multi-threaded process to quickly identify the requesting device and deliver the web site to the handheld device. Our technology obtains the requested information, translates that information from HTML into Wireless Markup Language (WML) and delivers that information in the proper format," Cioffi said.

Companies select key "branding" elements of its site (graphics, content, etc.) to display on wireless devices and the URL used to access its wireless Web site is exactly the same as its PC based URL. "Since the ThinkersGroup technology is not visible to the end user, there are no brand overlays such as in the case with some portals," Cioffi said.

Research by International Data Corp. (IDC) estimates more than 40 million U.S. households are online, and there are more than 75 million cellular/PCS subscribers and more than 40 million paging subscribers. IDC predicts that by mid-2001, all digital cellular/PCS handsets shipped in the world will be WAP-capable. Experts project that the majority of Internet access will shift so that it is through wireless and not wired means. According to IDC forecasts, by the end of 2002, there will be more wireless subscribers capable of Internet access than wired Internet users. When this happens, there will be a fundamental shift in the thinking of the Web community and the IT industry as a whole.

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