Vertica Software Releases Wireless Application for Shipment Tracking

Vertica Software, Inc. (OTCBB:VERI), a leading provider of hazardous materials management applications that run purely on the Internet, today began testing iComply Tracker, its wireless shipment tracking applications via Palm PDAs and MS Windows laptop PCs.

iComply Tracker works with today's wireless communication technologies and personal digital assistance devices to track product shipment and delivery information and transmit customer invoicing data. The application allows field input of detailed customer, freighting, and product delivery information. Automated multi-stop route and single stop delivery forms allow users to instantly track product deliveries, calculate freight, and submit shipping documents directly to their customer invoicing system; thus, cutting cost and shortening the billing cycle while streamlining administrative efforts and minimizing the paper trail associated with materials shipment.

iComply Tracker will extend the previously released iComply Transporter product, which includes paperwork with regulatory compliance assistance for manufacturers and transporters of materials with hazardous and non-hazardous ingredients.

Commenting on the pilot test of iComply Tracker, Vertica vice president of Research and Development, Erick Ahrens said, "This project is a natural extension of our Hazweb iComply ASP products and web technology. The features and technical capabilities of iComply Tracker are an important step to Vertica becoming the leader in Internet applications and wireless communication for the hazardous materials industry."

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