WAP Wireless Access Offered to B2B Users on Efinity's Supply-Web Site

Efinity Inc. (www.efinity.com), the leading provider of SWiM (Supply-Web information Management) solutions, Tuesday announced the release of the latest version of their Internet-hosted application.

Version 2.5 brings robust feature enhancements including support for WAP (Wireless Application Protocol), enabling remote access and delivery of information via Internet phones and other wireless Internet devices, and a new production forecasting module.

Efinity's WAP support allows users to securely log-in to the Efinity application from any location that supports an Internet phone. Information such as order and forecast status is available at users' fingertips anytime and virtually anywhere. Computer access to Efinity's offering only requires a Web browser and an Internet connection -- there is no software to install, providing simple accessibility from any computer.

"We continue to deliver on our commitment to provide the most functional useable, and technologically advanced solution available for manufacturers and their trading partners," said Chris Smith, president and chief executive officer of Efinity. "All users of our solutions experience fast, easy-to-use access to all their inter-business data."

Efinity's production forecasting functionality enables users to transmit daily, weekly and monthly projected consumption quantities to their vendors. Vendors can interact online with their customers to collaborate on downside, baseline, upside and committed quantities. The forecast module employs Efinity's flexible three-tier implementation architecture, allowing users to utilize the functionality either by manual input, via e-messaging or by connecting directly to the company's existing business system.

Efinity will continue to rapidly innovate and deliver solutions to the manufacturing community. Efinity's Web-hosted model allows every user to work from the newest version without installing any software upgrades. Companies wishing to learn more about Efinity can visit www.efinity.com and register for a free online demonstration.

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