Webraska chosen by Airtel as provider of WAP traffic, navigation and proximity services in Spain

-- Webraska adds fifth country to its European coverage

-- Webraska provides location-based services: traffic, navigation and proximity services

Webraska Mobile Technologies, the world's first provider of maps, traffic information and navigation services on Internet mobile phones, has been selected as provider of traffic information, proximity and navigation services by Airtel, Spain's second largest mobile telephony operator.

Webraska's services are available to Airtel Conect@ WAP portal subscribers at no extra cost, as users will be charged for connection time only.

Airtel Conect@ subscribers will enjoy Webraska's multi-modal door-to-door directions, available for all of the country's major cities. They will also be able to locate the nearest facilities such as car parks, petrol and railway stations etc. and obtain instructions on how to reach them. The digital cartography data is provided by Tele Atlas.

Users of the country's motorways will also benefit from Webraska's real-time traffic information services. These display graphically, on the user's phone screen, where congested areas are: a black area indicates the road is "jammed", grey shading points out where traffic is heavy and white represents a free-flowing stretch of road.

"We chose Webraska for its prestige and knowledge in the WAP area, as well as for its ability to offer turnkey services and solutions for every link of the value added chain in maps, applications and location-based systems", commented Fernando Dietta, Product Manager, Products & Services Development Department of Airtel. "The satisfactory progress of the work they provide other operators, their dedication and ability to work in partnership with the Airtel team were additional key factors in our decision".

"The Spanish market is one of the most dynamic worldwide in terms of mobile phones penetration, which is today over 50%, and usage. Airtel has been playing an active part in this process and has made a commitment to continue to develop the market by bringing the most useful and advanced services to its subscribers. We are very proud to be able to take part in this trend towards making ever more value-added services available to the public", added Jean-Michel Durocher, CEO and founder of Webraska.

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