Wireless Knowledge Enhances Enterprise Mobility and Productivity With Robust Solution for Mobile Data Access

New Version of Workstyle Server Supports Broadest Range of Internet-Equipped Mobile Devices and Wireless Networks

Wireless Knowledge Inc., a Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq: MSFT) and QUALCOMM Inc. (Nasdaq: QCOM) company, Monday announced the availability of Workstyle Server 3.0, a feature-rich solution for mobile data access and communication. Designed to accommodate organizations from medium-size businesses to the largest enterprises, Workstyle Server 3.0 gives employees greater command over information, communications and the way they collaborate with customers, partners and colleagues by extending Microsoft Exchange-based email, calendar and contacts to mobile devices.

Unlike competitive solutions that offer limited data access with specific device types, Workstyle Server 3.0 supports the industry's widest range of Internet-equipped products. This flexibility enables mobile employees to access key data via any wireless or wireline device equipped with a Web browser - whether via a mobile phone, a personal data assistant (PDA), or even a Web TV in a hotel room. The product's robust features, combined with its broad device support, give mobile organizations unprecedented flexibility and control over data access and communication.

"Workstyle Server 3.0 is the first application to truly deliver on the promise of the mobile Internet, providing a lifeline for corporate users to tap into their most critical information and enhance communication with customers, co-workers and partners," said Eric Schultz, chairman and chief executive officer, Wireless Knowledge. "Workstyle Server uniquely accommodates how mobile employees work -giving them the information they need, at the right time and on the right device."

Workstyle Server's new features include enhanced device support for any Web-enabled mobile phone; Palm(TM), Pocket PC, Handspring Visor(TM) or other PDA; and other Internet-equipped devices such as notebook computers and WebTV(R). The product also includes notification services that let mobile workers know when they receive priority email, meeting invitations or schedule changes. The services follow user-defined rules such as emails from specific senders. Notifications can be directed to pagers, handsets or any other Internet address. This helps employees keep abreast of critical information, enhances responsiveness and improves productivity using their device of choice. As a third-generation offering, Workstyle Server 3.0 also provides extensive customization options including start-up screens, security, local time and email settings.

"As wireless data emerges as a key focus for the enterprise, businesses need solutions that don't get them locked in to a specific technology or service," said Phil Redman, senior analyst at Gartner. "Enterprise users are looking for secure, native, real-time wireless access to critical enterprise applications, and top tier products should support existing mobile devices and wireless services already deployed in the enterprise."

"Coupling wireless Pocket PCs with Workstyle Server provides a powerful productivity solution for mobile workers, giving them access to their essential corporate information anytime, anywhere," said Rogers Weed, director of marketing for the Mobile Devices Division at Microsoft Corp. "Using Pocket Internet Explorer, the full-featured Web browser that comes with all Pocket PCs, customers with Workstyle Server will always have up-to-the-minute access to their Exchange-hosted calendar, contacts, and Inbox, enabling them to always be in touch and productive."

Aventis Pharmaceuticals, the U.S. pharmaceutical company of Aventis Pharma AG, will be one of the first enterprise customers to deploy Workstyle Server 3.0. Aventis will use Workstyle Server to help its mobile workforce wirelessly access email, calendar and contact data. Based in Strasbourg, France, Aventis has 90,000 employees in 120 countries and recorded sales of 18 billion euros in 1999.

Key to Aventis' decision to deploy Workstyle Server was its ability to work with any wireless network, providing a singular solution for the company's entire mobile workforce on a worldwide basis.

"A key consideration for selecting Workstyle Server was its airlink-independent approach - whether an employee has a GSM, CDMA or other type of wireless phone - and its support for our corporate networks in both the U.S. and Europe," said Andrea Westrich, Global Infrastructure Technologies, Aventis Pharmaceuticals.

"Our sales people spend the bulk of their day away from their offices visiting customers and prospects," said Tom Wolkamp, manager, application development, U.S. Commercial Operations for Aventis Pharmaceuticals. "Now they have the ability to send and receive email via their mobile phones while they're on the road, enhancing both productivity and customer responsiveness."

Real-Time Access to Critical Corporate Information

Workstyle Server gives mobile users access to key information using any device, any browser, any wireless data-enabled network and any markup language. All data is accessed from the corporate network in real time, ensuring that employees are acting on the most recent information and eliminating the need for awkward synchronization with the desktop or server.

Product highlights include:

-- Mobile Electronic Mail: Customers can read, reply, reply with

     voice call from handset, delete, forward and compose messages.
     Users can also sort and filter email, navigate to Inbox
     subfolders, and forward attachments. Windows(R) CE and PC users
     can also read attachments.

--   Mobile Calendaring: Provides immediate access to entire,
     up-to-date calendar. Users can view their day and quickly access
     all detail on scheduled appointments, never missing an update or
     cancelled meeting notice. Allows users to accept and decline
     meeting invitations, create, view and edit appointments and

--   Mobile Contacts: Users have real-time access to contact
     information in personal or corporate address books, allowing
     customers to search all contacts, view contact details, and add
     and edit contacts. In addition, when accessing Workstyle Server
     via phone, mobile users can quickly place a phone call to a
     contact's phone number or send an email message to the contact.

   Optimized Security Features for Enterprise Customers

Workstyle Server 3.0 resides securely behind the corporate firewall and uses highly-encrypted networking protocols to communicate wirelessly with remote employees. Since all information resides centrally on the Workstyle and Exchange Server, data is always up-to-date, and never in jeopardy of being carried off in a stolen laptop or handheld device. The product is easy to install with any Windows(R) NT or Windows 2000 server, and requires no client-side software to purchase, install or support.

Availability and Distribution

Wireless Knowledge's Workstyle Server is available now from Wireless Knowledge directly, and Paradigm4. Wireless Knowledge is an AT&T Wireless Data Solutions Provider, and Workstyle Server is available now through the AT&T PocketNet(R) service, which provides flat-rate, all-you-can-use pricing for corporate wireless Internet phone and data service.

With complete 24x7 support, Workstyle Server is backed by Wireless Knowledge's Professional Services group, which helps enterprise customers mobilize their businesses with wireless development services for custom horizontal and vertical applications.

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