WorldTravel Partners Selects Xceed to Build the Next Generation Wireless Travel Solution

Xceed to Develop Client Extranet and Wireless Solution for advanced travel management environment

Xceed Inc. (NASDAQ:XCED), a leading Internet professional services firm, has been selected by WorldTravel Partners to assist in the development of a client extranet and wireless solution for WorldTravel Partners' corporate clients and travelers.

Xceed's Atlanta office is working with WorldTravel Interactive, a division of WorldTravel Partners, to develop an advanced travel management environment focused on the needs of busy corporate travelers and corporate travel managers. It will allow travelers to go to one place on their corporate intranet to book and modify trips, access destination information (including city content, weather, and driving directions), find important travel contact and travel assistance information, and shop for leisure vacation options, as well as many other important travel-related activities.

With this flagship product, WorldTravel Partners is responding to two key trends affecting the travel industry: growth in on-line travel booking and growth in consumer use of wireless devices. Forrester Research estimates that more than $29 billion in travel will be sold on-line by 2003, almost four times 1999's level. Meanwhile, International Data Corp. estimates sales of 18.9 million handheld (or Palm-type) units and 12 million smart phones in 2003.

"Together, WorldTravel Partners and Xceed are developing a strong solution that will be accessible via client intranets as well as a wireless solutions," said Scott Mednick, chairman and chief strategic officer of Xceed. "Wireless applications will become a more critical part of most companies applications in the future. Certain industry sectors will lead the way and a few companies like WorldTravel Partners will take that vision and turn it into reality. We are pleased to be a part of that effort."

"We are very excited to assist WorldTravel Partners on this innovative travel solution," said Christine Propst, managing director of Xceed in Atlanta. "This is indicative of the premier interactive applications we are providing our customers across the globe. We are helping clients like WorldTravel Partners recognize the value of the Internet through real-time connections to their customers."

"The future of corporate travel is in the palm of the business traveler," said Bill Niejadlik, Executive Vice President of WorldTravel Partners' e-commerce organization. "I am very pleased to have Xceed as a partner in the development of these revolutionary products for our corporate travelers."

Xceed and WorldTravel Partners are on schedule for the completion of an alpha version of this exciting new travel tool for exhibition and demonstration at the National Business Travel Association conference in Los Angeles at the end of July, 2000.

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