Alaska Airlines Introduces Wireless Information Service

Alaska Airlines (NYSE:ALK) today announced wireless access to its web site through Anywhere.

Customers can now view flight status, flight schedules and their Mileage Plan activity using web-enabled cell phones, Palm Pilots and other wireless handheld devices.

"Our goal is to help our customers to access information quickly and conveniently," said Steve Jarvis, Alaska's staff vice president of e-commerce. "Wireless gives them a tool to get the information they need anytime, anywhere."

This free service is available by visiting Alaska Airlines' web site at

An industry leader in online technology, Alaska became the first U.S. carrier to sell tickets online via the Internet in 1995, and in September 1999 it set another first with the introduction of online check-in. Alaska customers can purchase tickets online, check in and print their boarding pass online from their home or office, and now with the introduction of the wireless technology, they may check flight status, flight schedules or Mileage Plan activity with their wireless device on the way to the airport.

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