Alcatel Selected by Orange for Its Third Generation Mobile Networks

Alcatel (Paris:CGEP.PA) (NYSE:ALA) has been selected by Orange, France Telecom's mobile business, as strategic supplier for the deployment of its third generation (3G/UMTS) mobile networks. The partnership with Orange also foresees the creation of joint teams and programs to develop mobile Internet services and value added data services. Alcatel will conduct several field trials throughout Europe by the end of the year.

Michel Rahier, President of Alcatel's Mobile Communications activities, said: "As UMTS supplier to one of the top-ranking mobile operators worldwide, Alcatel is further positioned as a major player in the 3G mobile communications market. Our Evolium SAS joint venture with Fujitsu not only makes our UMTS offer one of the most competitive on the market, it will also enable operators like Orange to launch field trials as early as the end of this year."

For Orange in Europe, Alcatel is already a GSM supplier of Itineris in France, Mobistar in Belgium, DutchTone in the Netherlands, WIND in Italy and MobilRom in Romania. Alcatel also supplies Orange with GSM networks in the rest of the world.

Alcatel's Evolium(TM) solutions meet the requirements of mobile operators such as Orange, whether for the deployment of new networks or the optimization of existing infrastructures. These solutions ensure an efficient evolution towards 3G, minimizing the migration costs and protecting operators' investment.

Alcatel has today a UMTS end-to-end solution offering, including the radio systems (UTRAN), the network systems (CORE), the services platform and the mobile terminals. The presence of Alcatel development and support teams throughout Europe represents another key element for the fast roll out and the competitiveness of 3G mobile networks.

Alcatel's offering in UMTS is also prominent in the field of applications and services. Its Open Services Platforms, where it is the world leader, provides a suite of applications that allows customers to migrate efficiently from GSM to the next generation of value added services.

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