AVT to Deliver Comprehensive Mobile Wireless Solutions to Meet Expanding Market Demand

New Research Confirms Market Need to Deliver Anytime, Anywhere Access to Critical Business Information

AVT Corporation (Nasdaq:AVTC), a leading provider of business-to-business communications solutions, is leveraging the company's expertise and offerings in unified messaging, call processing and document exchange by embarking on a strategy to deliver mobile wireless data solutions to the business market.

The AVT Mobile Delivery offering will provide a single standards-based, scalable platform that allows key business information such as e-mail, calendar, contacts, CRM (customer relationship management) information, ERP (enterprise resource planning) information, document libraries and other data to be accessible from a Web-enabled mobile phone or wireless PDA (personal digital assistant).

"This evolving strategy represents an extension of AVT's mission to deliver critical business information anytime, anywhere, on virtually any device," said Roger A. Fukai, AVT's chief executive officer. "Wireless devices are becoming more powerful and more widely accepted. Customers now want to use the ubiquity of these devices to provide their mobile workforce with the information they need in order to successfully conduct business. Our Mobile Delivery platform expands on our core competencies of unified messaging and document distribution, and positions AVT at the forefront of these converging technologies and solutions."

Designed for both enterprise and ASP (application service provider) environments, AVT's Mobile Delivery solution is wireless service and device independent, ensuring that the varying types of wireless devices and service providers used within corporations and by ASP customers will be compatible with AVT's mobile wireless solutions.

AVT will embrace new standards, such as WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) and WML (Wireless Markup Language), to hasten its time to market. AVT's Mobile Delivery platform will be available in the first half of 2001. It will deliver three distinct competitive advantages:

-- The products and services will provide mobile access to many

        back-end databases, including leading groupware applications,
        document libraries, and CRM (customer relationship management)
        systems. By working with multiple databases at the same time,
        the AVT platform saves customers time and money by allowing
        companies to deploy and manage one back-end wireless
        application server while providing users with wireless access
        to numerous data applications.

    --  The platform couples AVT's telephony-based mobility
        applications and mobile wireless data access to furnish a
        comprehensive solution.

    --  AVT will leverage its broad, extensive channel of distribution
        and numerous strategic partners to facilitate a successful
        sales, implementation, and service model.

"More mobile phones were sold last year than the number of PCs and cars combined -- and the demand for the latest wireless technology will continue to grow over the next several years," said Bob Egan, GartnerGroup vice president and research director, mobile and wireless. "Companies like AVT are leveraging this exploding technology, along with their core competencies, to solve real business problems."

AVT is introducing its wireless solution at a time when market demand is increasing rapidly. According to GartnerGroup, 80 percent of all new cellular phones will be Web-enabled by the end of 2003. Additionally, 60 percent of all PDAs will feature integrated wireless communications by the end of 2003.

Independent research commissioned by AVT and conducted by Wirthlin Worldwide found that 78.7 percent of the Fortune 1000 executives surveyed believe their workforces will develop more mobile communications needs in the future. Of those surveyed, 80 percent indicate that remote access to personal calendaring and scheduling is important, and 85 percent report that access to customer data while on the road is also important to their business. Additionally, two-thirds of survey respondents believe access to all critical company databases and infobases while on the road is important.

The Wirthlin research further indicates that nearly 80 percent believe their employees are not "very satisfied" with the ability of current technologies to meet their scheduling, database and e-mail needs while on the road.

Already the world's leading independent unified messaging provider and leading provider of network fax solutions, AVT plans to leverage market growth in next-generation, Web-enabled mobile phones, wireless PDAs and other mobile wireless data technologies to facilitate rapid adoption of its mobile wireless products and services.

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