Egg Selects Entrust to Deliver Secure, Personalized Information Services to Customers Via WAP

Using Entrust/getAccess Mobile Server, Egg delivers secure wireless banking

Entrust Technologies (NASDAQ:ENTU), the global leader in solutions that bring trust to e-business, announced today that Egg, one of the UK's leading e-commerce financial services companies, has selected the Entrust/getAccess(TM) Mobile Server to deliver Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) capabilities to its 1.1 million customers.

Egg is extending its relationship with Entrust by implementing its getAccess Mobile Server, which will enable Egg to deliver secure, individualised Web access to its customers via WAP. Entrust's getAccess wireless technology will allow Egg customers to access banking and shopping services using the wireless device of their choice. The getAccess Mobile Server will provide Egg with all the authentication, authorisation and administration services it requires to deliver the same quality of transactions to which its customers are accustomed. Pete Marsden, chief technology officer at Egg, comments "Our relationship with Entrust has allowed us to continue leveraging the Internet as a service-delivery medium and push forward with our e-commerce focus. The scalability and security that can be achieved with the getAccess Mobile Server will allow Egg's growing number of online banking customers, to conduct the transactions they want -anytime, anywhere, from any device."

Demand for secure, personalized wireless access is expected to explode in the next few years as mobile phones and PDAs proliferate. The Gartner Group predicts there will be four times as many mobile phones and handheld computers as desktop systems by 2005. Through its global wireless initiative, Entrust is leading the way in delivering breakthrough solutions that will enable companies to rapidly expand their e-business capabilities via new wireless channels. The Entrust/getAccess Mobile Server gives Egg the competitive advantage it requires to enhance and extend individualised customer relationships and internal business processes.

"Entrust has once again proven its leadership as one of the first trusted e-business infrastructure companies to advance secure transactions into the wireless age. The getAccess Mobile technology allows Egg to increase the interactive quality of the Web, whilst continuing to securely managing one-to-one interaction with its customers. As a result, Egg customers can enjoy unlimited access to their account information at any time, via a variety of devices, anywhere in the world," said Marsden continued. "We are really pleased with our choice of getAccess. Our continued relationship with Entrust will help build on our already hugely, successful banking service."

"If companies are to remain competitive, they must be able to supply private and privileged access to information and services via all modes of available communication," explains Richard Kirk, vice president and general manager, Global Wireless Solutions, Entrust Technologies. "Egg realised if it was to maintain its competitive edge in today's aggressive financial services environment, it must continue to build on the excellent one-to-one relationships it has cultivated with its customers. We are proud to continue our market-leading work with Egg - work which positions Entrust Technologies well for continued growth in the financial services and wireless markets."

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