Ericsson brings WAP to enterprises

Today, Ericsson launched the enterprise Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Gateway, which allows enterprises to bring mobile e-commerce services to their customers. It also provides mobile office users access to corporate intranet resources.

"The WAP Gateway offers huge business potential as a building block for partners who want to provide customized solutions, "said Mats Victorin, Marketing Director, Ericsson Enterprise. "Banking including stock trading, travel requirements like ticketing and even gambling and betting can be mobile based."

The WAP Gateway offers applications for all vertical markets. With specially designed applications the WAP Gateway can support virtually anything mobile office users want to do which requires real-time access to corporate intranet services. It creates opportunities for mobile offices by providing mobile users with access to corporate directories, calendars, news services, and e-mail.

The Enterprise WAP Gateway fully supports the WAP standard according to the WAP Forum and it runs on Window NT. The WAP Gateway guarantees interoperability on any present and future mobile system.

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