Announces Wireless Handheld PC Initiative

Paul Johnson, President/CEO of, Inc., (OTCBB:TSER), announced the company's wireless communications initiative. This program takes technology designs and creates compatibility with handheld PC's such as Palm(tm) Devices, Cassiopeia(tm), Hewlett Packard(tm) and some cellular phones. These new features will allow consumers to make reservations, complete bookings and perform other functions via most handheld devices. The company will be completing the final tests of this program over the next two weeks. The wireless service application will be made available to consumers during November, by downloading software from the website.

"Just imagine that you are at a business meeting out of town and you are running behind schedule. You do not want to miss your flight home but this meeting is important -- What to do? With's wireless initiative you can use your handheld PC such as a Palm Pilot(tm), or some newer types of cellular phones to get valuable information and perform tasks. In the previous scenario you could log-on to our wireless site and pull up flight delay information to see if your previously booked flight has a delayed departure and perhaps give you the extra time you need. Maybe the flight is scheduled to leave on time so you access the booking menu and find out that there is another flight leaving two hours later. You enter your confirmation number, update the information and your flight is changed. Now you can complete the meeting and still get home. Other features such as hotel and car rental booking as well as access to directions, currency conversion and general information will also be made available.

"This advancement in technology for will not only provide state-of-the-art convenience to our customers; it is also another step towards demonstrating that is committed to bringing the latest tools of Internet to the world of travel," said Johnson.

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