Future Platforms launches to develop Internet applications for emerging technologies

The launch of Future Platforms, a new Internet services agency, is announced today. Based from offices in central Brighton, the company will support its clients in the development of consumer Internet services deployed across emerging technology platforms such as mobile phones, personal digital assistants, digital television, web-enabled games consoles and set-top boxes.

Future Platforms has been established by Tom Hume, who previously founded and ran GT Unwired, the wireless specialist unit of Good Technology, and Jay Gooby, formerly Senior Developer at interface design specialists Tui.

“We’ve spent the last five years honing our skills in delivering solid web, wireless, and digital TV applications for blue chip and entertainment industry clients, but in the last 18 months there has been a huge increase in the diversity of Internet-connected devices. We believe there is a massive as yet untapped opportunity for an agency which will specialise in multi-platform delivery of content and services”, explained Tom Hume.

Initial support has been provided by investment from Richard Davies, managing director of Good Technology, and Neil Aberdeen, managing director of Tui, alongside other angel investors.

"Having worked together closely with them over the last five years, our investment in Future Platforms is an ideal way for us to continue to benefit from the unique set of skills they have developed, and retain an involvement in what we believe will be a massive area of growth over the coming years", said Richard Davies.

Future Platforms has already delivered its first project: a Palm tool for DJs developed for iCrunch.com.  

David Phillips, CEO of iCrunch.com, commented "Companies such as iCrunch must offer their services to customers across an increasingly diverse range of devices. Future Platforms will provide us with critical expertise and resources necessary to extend iCrunch's reach across a number of emerging technologies and deliver iCrunch to our customers anytime, anywhere."

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