Glenayre @ctiveLink Module Wins Wireless Survivor Consumer Award at CTIA

@ctiveLink Module is the "Cadillac of Consumer Appliances" at Wireless I.T. Trade Show

Glenayre Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:GEMS) today announced that its @ctiveLink(tm) wireless messaging module, has won the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association's (CTIA) Consumer Appliance Award recently presented at the Wireless I.T. trade show in Santa Clara, Calif.

CTIA's new product competition, Wireless Survivor, awarded six 'survivors,' one in each category, judged by 2,500 online peer votes submitted on the Web site. As part of the prize at the CTIA show, Glenayre participated in a keynote address to wireless data executives and buyers demonstrating the unique @ctiveLink module's features, including two-way messaging, Internet queries, e-mail options, superior in-building penetration and nationwide coverage.

"In a category with intense competition, this peer-group award recognizes the value that Glenayre's @ctiveLink module provides in the wireless solutions market," said Eric Doggett, President and Chief Executive Officer. "The @ctiveLink product is the first of future applications to come in our effort to deliver more award-winning 'Solutions for an @ctive World(tm).'"

The @ctiveLink module snaps seamlessly into the Springboard(tm) slot of the Handspring Visor(tm) Deluxe 8MB handheld computer to wirelessly enable the powerful personal information management (PIM) utilities of the handheld. The @ctiveLink module provides Always @ctive(tm) constant connectivity to ReFLEX(tm) networks. Users have e-mail, messaging features and Internet query capabilities for news, sports, stock market, weather, travel updates, bar coding and more. The @ctiveLink module is sold as a bundled unit with the Handspring Visor Deluxe 8MB handheld computer for a suggested manufacturer's price of $428.

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