Hexagon Wireless Subsidiary gigaAnt AB And Axis Communications Co-Operate On Bluetooth Wireless Technology

Today gigaAnt, a Hexagon Wireless subsidiary, and Axis announced its co-operation.

gigaAnt will supply antennas for Axis' wireless products based on Bluetooth , such as the Bluetooth Access Point from Axis that will be introduced to the market before the end of this year.

"We are very satisfied with the co-operation with gigaAnt, who were among the first on the market with antennas for Bluetooth and have a proven track-record in antenna design. We feel very confident with gigaAnt as a supplier," says Torbjörn Wård, General Manager of Axis' Mobile Internet Division.

gigaAnt focus on antenna design for Bluetooth applications, and work close with customers to optimize the wireless connectivity in their applications. gigaAnt also provides services like testing and verification in own laboratories.

"Making gigaAnt Your Strategic partner for antennas helps to reduce the time to market of wireless technology products," says Ric Roetering, Vice President of gigaAnt.

Axis will demonstrate its Bluetooth Access Point with a gigaAnt antenna during the Nordic Bluetooth Conference, which takes place in Stockholm on October 4-5. Both Axis and gigaAnt will participate in the conference. In order to illustrate how the gigaAnt antennas can be used; gigaAnt will show Axis wireless products at various trade shows this year such as World PC EXPO in Tokyo.

The Bluetooth Access Point from Axis enables broadband access to the Internet and Intranets for a wide range of mobile devices. This wireless solution supports both voice and data applications, which makes wireless and fixed network resources more efficient and user friendly.

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