Intermec, O'Neil and Socket Demonstrate Mobile Bluetooth Printing

Intermec's Windows-based Handeld PC Uses Socket's Bluetooth Card to Connect Wirelessly to O'Neil's Ruggedized Mobile Printer

At Frontline Solutions Expo 2000 today, Intermec Technologies Corp., (Booth 419) and O'Neil Product Development, Inc. (Booth 841) offered a glimpse of the wireless future by demonstrating Intermec's new 6651 handheld computer communicating with an O'Neil ruggedized mobile printer via a Bluetooth plug-in card from Socket Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq:SCKT)(PSE:SOK). Socket's Bluetooth Personal Network Card plugs into the industry-standard CompactFlash I/O slot of Intermec's Windows CE(R)-powered 6651 computer, allowing the recently introduced pen tablet to establish a wireless connection with a variety of peripherals, such as O'Neil's mobile printer.

The 6651 computer from Intermec has a unique fold-over display that offers both clamshell and pen tablet modes. A flip screen software feature lets workers electronically reverse the angle of the display panel to change the unit into a signature capture device so customers can digitally sign receipts and proofs of delivery. Based on the Microsoft(TM) Windows CE operating system, the 6651 features a bright, high-resolution color screen, an integrated digital camera with a rotatable imaging sensor, and an industry-standard CompactFlash I/O slot and a PC Card slot that makes it easy to expand connectivity with products such as Socket's Bluetooth Personal Network Card.

Socket's CompactFlash Bluetooth Personal Network Card is part of Socket's Bluetooth Evaluation Kit, which is available to qualified developers who participate in Socket's Bluetooth Evaluation Program. The kit costs $1,299 and includes periodic software and firmware upgrades through March, 2001. Interested developers may complete the qualification form accessible from Socket's web site at This web page also provides a detailed description of Socket's Bluetooth Evaluation Program.

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