IS/Complete, Inc. from Green Brook, NJ, US, announced today it will provide a new enterprise security solution, Restrictor, for the industry-leading Palm OS(R) platform.

Restrictor has powerful solutions to protect business sensitive information on the handheld computers in case they are lost or misplaced. Restrictor allows an administrator to create profile categories for different users as well as a default profile for a single Palm Powered(TM) handheld. These profile categories help to limit the applications that each user has access to or restrict PC sync capabilities. With the use of passwords, each profile may only log-on to applications or records that the administrator grants rights to.

Restrictor can automatically lock the Palm Powered handheld and hide private records. It can lock the handheld computer after each power down or after a pre-set amount of time. As a precaution against having private information falling into someone else's hands, Restrictor secures the Palm Powered handheld and will not allow access without the proper password, even after a soft reset. Restrictor is an extremely secure product and there is no "back door" available to unlock the handheld without the password.

"With the help of Restrictor, companies can give Palm Powered handhelds to their employees and enhance their business environment by giving access and training for only the necessary applications. This product also discourages employees from using the handheld for other than business purposes. It is a highly useful security tool, and it will attract a broad consumer market," said Bob Schiros, vice president of sales for IS/Complete.

"We are pleased that IS/Complete has developed this enterprise security software solution based on the Palm OS platform," said Christy Wyatt, director of strategic alliance and market development for Palm, Inc. "Security is an important concern in today's corporate environment and Palm, with its community of over 100,000 developers, will work to continue providing a variety of secure solutions for our customers."

Restrictor Enterprise v1.0 has passed rigorous testing for compatibility and usability. Restrictor is compatible with Palm(TM) III and Palm V series handheld computers, IBM Workpad Companion, IBM Workpad C3 PC Companion, Symbol SPT 1500 and Symbol SPT 1700. The application requires Palm OS 3.1 and up.

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