Keenan Vision Predicts New $44 Billion Internet and Wireless Communication Industry

Internet Communication Services To Evolve Remote Human Communication

Keenan Vision Inc., an Internet analyst firm, today announced economic forecasts predicting that Internet communication services will be a new class of Internet business and that this industry is poised to accelerate the development of remote human communication. Internet communication services is an opportunity being served by start-up Internet businesses and existing wireless businesses that will generate $44 billion in new sales by 2004.

"Internet communication services will be a new artistic medium and a way for businesses to compete," declared Vernon Keenan, author of the report. "Using the Internet to share real-time multimedia experiences will fuel some of the growth industries of the future," added Keenan.

Internet communication services use web browsers, telephones, and wireless devices to help people communicate with real-time audio, live video, multimedia presentations, and shared computer programs. There are a variety of Internet communication services companies who use a range of architectures, ranging from a peer-to-peer design, to a client-server design, to the Information switch design, which supports the greatest level of performance and expansion through the use of a distributed architecture.

The Keenan Vision model of United States economy determined how Internet communication services would grow over the next five years. Factors in the model include data on service providers and the likelihood that Internet communication services will grow geometrically by virtue of its use, which is commonly called "going viral." The result of this analysis forecasts that Internet communication services will generate $34 million in service revenue in 2000, growing a thousand times to $44 billion by 2004.

"Remote Communication Gets Richer," the Keenan Vision report on Internet communication services, is available for no charge on the Keenan Vision web site at The report is divided into these sections:

-- Historical Perspective

-- New Business Description

-- Technology Analysis

-- Competitive Analysis

-- Economic Forecasts

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