Main Course Technologies and Nextcell, Inc. Alliance Offers Wireless Asset Tracking Via the Internet

Main Course Technologies (MCT), a developer of wireless, Web-based applications, and Nextcell, Inc., the wireless data solutions company, have signed a letter of intent outlining their plans to combine MCT's innovative Global Positioning Systems (GPS) applications with Nextcell's third generation cellular digital packet data (CDPD) technologies.

The partnership facilitates a means of providing cross-platform GPS-based vehicle tracking via the Internet. Nextcell's Spider MT, an in-vehicle GPS/CDPD transceiver, will transmit coordinates to MCT's PortaTrack(TM) system, which will allow subscribers to find a vehicle's location, speed, and direction of travel utilizing any Web-ready device.

Nextcell's SpiderMT is the most economical wireless IP (CDPD) mobile tracking device available today. The SpiderMT brings together the power of wireless data and location awareness (GPS), including an on-board microprocessor that allows for complete flexibility for an end-user to obtain a mobile tracking application. The on-board processor provides further functionality which allows the user to perform such tasks as locking and unlocking doors, turning lights on and off, etc., all from the convenience of a hand-held device.

Main Course Technologies and Nextcell utilize GPS technology to pinpoint the location of an asset, such as a vehicle or a person. This technology then allows subscribers to access the location of the asset on a detailed street map display via the Internet. Users register their devices with MCT through a simple on-line registration process. Within moments, their location is displayed on a map giving street level details. Subscribers can also access the same information from their Web phone or PDA at Various options display the time, speed and previous locations as well. Since this service is completely Web-based, there is no special software to install or plug-ins to download. Supporting any device that is capable of position reports, MCT offers individual and group accounts as well as large and small business accounts.

Additional features include address geocoding, Automatic Alarm Generation, data management and tracking archives, and many different styles of reports.

"This agreement includes some of Nextcell's next generation technologies in the SpiderMT transceiver," said Greg Yates, Nextcell senior vice president of sales and marketing. "Combined with MCT's PortaTrack(TM) system, this new application uses GPS and wireless data to manage vehicle location and tracking and offers users, such as fleet managers, faster and more accurate information than ever before."

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