nPorta Announces Unrivaled Content for Handheld Users

New Technology Allows Companies and Individuals to Customize Wireless Content for Business or Personal Use

nPorta, the leading content provider in wireless communication and technology, today announced the official launch of its corporate software product and consumer web site (

nPorta specializes in seamlessly customizing content for corporate users, helping companies streamline internal communication processes so their workforce remains informed and constantly updated with the latest information.

"nPorta's corporate solutions address the need to get information out to a company's workforce quickly and effectively," said Will Goldstein, chairman of the board for nPorta. "nPorta provides companies with a speedy and efficient way to communicate with both mobile and onsite employees."

Using nPorta, companies can utilize portable devices that automatically display pre-selected types of content as part of the company's extranet. Corporate employees can then access information like expense reports, internal announcements, job postings, press releases, business news, bulletin boards, or sales and product data.

nPorta offers solutions for large corporations and small- to medium-sized companies. nPorta's information portal services can be tailored to meet any organization's business needs. In addition, the modular technology can be integrated into virtually any existing framework and can be co-branded to match a company's current system.

"nPorta has broad appeal for all individuals using wireless and handheld devices and was designed to meet the needs of both the corporate and the individual user," said Mark Connell, president and CEO of nPorta. "Using nPorta's core technology, users can customize and tailor content to their exact needs."

Individual users are able to view and customize information on news, business, health, entertainment, technology, sports and travel. nPorta content can be formatted to make the most of the new portable interfaces, including small screens with limited ability to display graphics, and uses a simple download procedure. nPorta's use of included/excluded keywords supplies the user with only the most relevant content, letting users avoid the inconvenience of having to sift through unnecessary information.

nPorta will soon be announcing several strategic alliances with partner companies. Through these key alliances, nPorta is able to provide corporate clients with a complete, end-to-end technology solution. nPorta continually evaluates new partnership opportunities and welcomes companies with complementary goals and objectives.

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