Novatel Wireless Ships Minstrel S Wireless Springboard Modem for the Handspring Visor Series

Wireless CDPD Modem is First to Offer Full Internet and Email Access for Visor

Novatel Wireless, Inc., a provider of wireless data modems and software, today announced that it begins shipping the Minstrel S(TM) Wireless Springboard Modem this week.

The Minstrel S is a secure, 2-way wireless data accessory for the Handspring(TM) Visor(TM) that transforms the handheld computer into a virtual office. The Minstrel S modem gives users mobile data capabilities, enabling wireless access to email, corporate LANs, and the Internet.

The Minstrel S is the first wireless CDPD modem available for the Handspring Springboard(TM) expansion platform, and is optimized for use with the recently announced Visor Prism(TM) and Visor Platinum(TM) models. Carrying an MSRP of $369, the Minstrel S features a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery which lasts for approximately 8 hours of continuous use and 20-24 hours in sleep mode; 3 LEDs to denote cellular service, wireless data transmission and battery life; bundled email and web browsing software; and 2 MB of Flash ROM memory for storing 3rd party applications.

Unique "Plug & Play" Feature Automatically Connects Users to the Internet and Email

The Minstrel S is the first in the Minstrel(R) family of Wireless Palmtop Modems to offer a unique "plug & play" feature. Inserting the Minstrel S into the Handspring Visor immediately launches the Minstrel Modem Manager software and seamlessly and automatically connects the user to the Internet. The modem is pre-loaded with the AvantGo(TM) Web Browser and the Eudora Internet Suite, which resides on Flash ROM. JP Systems' One-Touch(TM) POP3 Email client is also available for installation on the included CD-ROM.

"The Minstrel S, mated with the Handspring Visor, delivers a 'plug & play' wireless computing solution that fits in a shirt pocket," remarked Brad Weinert, vice president of product management for Novatel Wireless. "By pre-loading the Minstrel S with POP3 email and HTML web browsing software, we offer Visor users instant wireless functionality and connectivity. And, because the Minstrel S fits into the Springboard expansion slot, Visor customers can use an external keyboard or perform a hotsync without removing the Minstrel S modem."

"Adding just 4 ounces to the Visor, the rechargeable Minstrel S provides reliable, and instantaneous wireless connectivity that is secure and simple to use," said Ed Colligan, senior vice president of sales & marketing for Handspring. "Now users of the Visor product line, including our new Visor Prism and Visor Platinum, can take advantage of real-time, wireless access to popular Palm OS(R) enterprise productivity and synchronization programs, as well as utilities and games, all of which the Minstrel S supports."

Novatel Wireless begins shipping the Minstrel S to its channel partners this week. In addition to distributors such as D&H, Global Wireless Data and Ingram Micro, the Minstrel S will also be available from value-added resellers such as GoAmerica Communications, OmniSky and YadaYada, who will bundle the modem with specialized content and services. For a complete list of channel partners, visit

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