Numoda Corporation Announces Widespread Availability of its Dynamic Wireless Services

Organizations Realize 200% ROI With Numoda's Mobile Accelerator

Numoda Corporation today announced the widespread availability of mobile application services for organizations seeking wireless automation.

These services are based on Numoda's software infrastructure that designs, develops, deploys and manages wireless applications for enterprises. In proving the company's Mobile Accelerator(tm), Numoda's clients have achieved better than 200% ROI. Now, Numoda is developing wireless applications for eight new clients, each recognized leaders in their fields.

Numoda's Mobile Accelerator instantly delivers two-way applications that allow organizations to transmit and collect data to and from the field in a truly paperless fashion without changing current business processes.

By providing real-time connectivity between mobile workers and the corporate database, tailored, high value information goes directly into company databases for immediate use, and the company can instantly deploy new applications specific to each field-based user.

"Since we have begun demonstrating our solution late this summer, we have been winning contracts at the rate of one per week," said Mary Schaheen, president and CEO of Numoda. "The pent-up demand of companies needing customized mobile applications is enormous. Our cost-effective solution puts critical information in the hands of those in the field and of those who need it at headquarters, making the whole organization faster and smarter."

Numoda recently built and delivered an automated solution that successfully monitors quality assurance of customer service for a healthcare client. Numoda hosted an end-to-end solution for data capture, data management and report distribution using handheld devices. This allowed the client to accomplish in two weeks what had previously taken them up to one year.

Numoda operated in stealth mode for three years while it developed and proved an intelligent machine (8 patents pending) that automatically coordinates, integrates and delivers industry-formulated data-capture objects as custom applications to any handheld device.

This "machine" enables Numoda to specify, build and deploy most applications in less than three weeks. It also provides for complete mobile flexibility as format or protocol changes can be updated and deployed on the fly.

In today's market, Numoda's key differentiator is the immediacy with which it can deliver complete systems - mobile and back-office components - to its clients.

Industry analysts believe this is a fast growing market. According to a Yankee Group report, "in five years, the number of remote and mobile employees is likely to double - driven by increasing corporate support of mobile scheduling, 'collaborative' applications, messaging, file transfer, and database and personal information access."

Numoda Corporation will be featured in an upcoming International Data Corporation report entitled "Wireless ASPs - Who is, Who isn't, Who wants to be." Numoda's core technology is device independent and the company provides its services for a set-up fee and monthly per user hosting fee, or via a standard licensing model.

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