OpenTV Moves Ahead with Next Generation Of Wireless Content Transformation in Release of OpenTV's Prism 3.2.0

New Version Further Advances Support for Multiple Wireless Markup Languages and Enhanced HTML Transformation; International Users Applaud Added Features

OpenTV (Nasdaq:OPTV) (AEX:OPTV), the world's leading interactive media solutions company, today announced the availability of the latest version of OpenTV's Prism (from Spyglass), the scalable transformation platform being used by wireless operators and content providers around the world.

Many of the new features in release 3.2.0 of OpenTV's Prism have been driven by the booming demand for wireless content in Japan, Korea and China. These features include conversions of HTML content into HDML (Handheld Device Markup Language) and MML (Mobile Markup Language), as well as enhancements to convert content authored in CHMTL (Compact HTML) directly into WML (Wireless Markup Language), HDML and MML.

The new version also automatically recognizes incoming character sets, outputs Japanese content in Shift-JIS format, and converts images to PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format.

"The need to transform Internet content to a multitude of other devices like wireless phones and interactive television is growing daily," said James Ackerman, president and chief operating officer, OpenTV. "With the release of OpenTV's Prism 3.2.0, we expect to be able to keep pace with demands from service and content providers throughout the world, who are challenged with delivering consumer applications and multimedia content."

"The expanded conversion capabilities of version 3.2.0 will have far-reaching implications," Ackerman added.

"We strive to provide value for our customers by maintaining a pulse on the wireless market and by delivering the very latest enabling technologies," said Jack Armstrong, OpenTV vice president, wireless strategy.

"Thanks to the modular design of OpenTV's Prism, we have been able to deliver a new release focused on the needs of our Asian partners in under three months time. We believe that our international customers and resellers are especially pleased that we can provide them with cutting-edge solutions in a timely fashion."

Noriyuki Nihira, Asia sales director for OpenTV, is already utilizing the new version of OpenTV's Prism. "The unique conversion features in version 3.2.0, including support for CHTML, HDML and MML, are expected to reduce costs for many content providers in Japan since they only need to maintain original content," said Nihira.

"For instance, the latest OpenTV's Prism enables CHTML content created for NTT DoCoMo's iMode service to be available for both KDDI and j-Phone. No other current product provides such capability as a standard feature."

To learn more about OpenTV's Prism 3.2.0, visit OpenTV at Booth No. 715 during CTIA's Wireless IT 2000 in Santa Clara, Calif. on Oct. 16-18, 2000. Representatives from OpenTV will discuss how the company is helping to promote fast and efficient delivery of the Internet to information appliances, including interactive televisions, mobile phones and other wireless devices.

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