PhysicianAccess Debuts First Integrated Handheld Device to Streamline Clinical Workflow in Medical Practices

PhysicianAccess provides medical practices with the first handheld tool for use in the exam room, taking the place of paper charts and burdensome, computer-based electronic medical records

PhysicianAccess, a vertical market application service provider (ASP) for independent physicians and small groups, today announced the debut of a new handheld computing tool that will revolutionize the way physicians manage clinical workflow. The handheld device is an integrated component of PhysicianAccess' total office management system, called PAxNetu. It provides physicians all the essential functions they need in the exam room, from clinical data input and charge capture, to prescription processing and scheduling, all without disrupting the clinical workflow.

"Our focus is to provide physicians with a tool they can use in the exam room, one that integrates well with their normal workflow and enhances the doctor-patient relationship," said Phil Stillman, M.D., chief medical officer for PhysicianAccess.

The PAxNet handheld is designed for use at the point of care. Using customized clinical templates the physician is able to quickly record the clinical problem, as well as order diagnostic tests, document procedures and write prescriptions. The product is designed to automatically capture, during the encounter, all diagnostic and procedure codes that are used to generate billing information. All these functions are fully integrated with the main application and offer the physician far more functionality and utility than current handheld products, which focus primarily on prescription writing.

A key product feature is the ability to easily support physician preferences for patient treatment. A physician's most frequently used diagnoses, treatments, procedures and prescriptions are easily accessed through customized favorites lists. In addition, the physician can access historical patient information to support current treatment regimens.

"We fully recognize that no two physicians practice medicine alike and we've designed our handheld application with that in mind. All aspects of our clinical application are fully customizable to cater to each individual physician's practice needs," said company president Robert Gunn. "Other devices provide only limited functionality and are not fully integrated into a practice management system. Our approach is to make the handheld device an indispensable part of the clinical workflow."

"Recent research indicates that computer-based electronic medical records actually decrease physician productivity, and can detract from the doctor-patient relationship," said Dr. Stillman. "With these systems, physicians end up doing data entry work, not medicine."

With the PAxNet handheld, physicians can actually reduce the amount of time they spend documenting care, ordering tests or procedures, and managing their practice responsibilities.

"Physician convenience is the key driver behind the PAxNet handheld," said Dr. Stillman.

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