: The Web on WAP mobiles !

Founded in April 2000, PyWeb.comís technology solves the content and services problem by making quick, easy and cheap for websites to make their content and services available on WAP phone.

Be WAP ready

As more than 5 600 000 registered sites massively use the HTML language and as the WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) mobiles market increases at a rate of 1000% per year, enables Webmasters to be WAP ready as quickly and cheaply as possible. Mastering the WAP technology, the offer is based on a software package hosted on servers as an ASP (Application Service Provider). With the free toolkit you can customise and optimise your current HTML content into WML on mobile phones, thanks to a tagging solution and a transcoding technology.

Therefore, Web sites can be displayed on mobiles, according to WAP specifications, without defining and managing another site. : A very easy access to WAP technology  

Thanks to the site (on-line on the 29th of May) Web and WAP are efficiently put together.

You just have to register your own Web site on, to open it up to all the WAP enabled mobiles, from any country and through any operator.

Once registered the Webmasters will benefit from a  transcoded version of their Web site, without any particular hardware set-up or software installation. Thanks to the Deck-Itģ tagging technology by, the sites developers can implement the picking of any part of their site into WAP.

In order to facilitate the adaptation, freely provides a previewer for both  Windows and Unix/Linux operating systems, that simulates a WAP phone and dynamically transcodes the site. The use of tags is extremely easy for anyone who knows HTML, and those 12 tags are compatible with any HTML editor.

This technology is particularly adapted to Webmasters needs : easy and quick implementation :

          No need to know WAP specifications

          No need to learn the WML language,

          No software installation on the current HTML host server,

          A single Web site version to maintain, including all the dynamic links.

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