S3 Enters PDA Market With Diamond Mako; Mako Is First in a Series of Connected Handhelds from S3's Venture with UK-based Psion

Incorporated (Nasdaq:SIII) today announced its entrance into the rapidly expanding personal digital assistant (PDA) market with the launch of the Diamond Mako(TM) connected organizer. Unique in its focus on mobile productivity, the Diamond Mako combines powerful organizer, spreadsheet, word processing, e-mail and web browsing applications in a clamshell design that fits in a user's pocket. Further differentiating its productivity focus, Mako also offers a full keyboard, a large 480-by-160 pixel display and 16MB of memory for "truly" useful entry, editing, viewing and storage of large amounts of data.

The Diamond Mako is the first product to be released under a recent agreement between S3 and Psion Computers PLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Psion PLC (PON.L). Psion shipped the connected organizer in Europe last month under the name Revo Plus(TM).

"The Diamond Mako, our first joint consumer product with Psion, gives professionals on the go everything they need in a compact seven-ounce package," said Andrew Wolfe, chief technology officer for S3 Incorporated. "A well designed and future-proofed device, Mako is a `grown-up's PDA' and a strong first step with Psion in pursuing opportunities in handheld and wireless technology markets."


Maximized for productivity on the go, the Diamond Mako enhances basic organizer functionality with a robust agenda application that features day, week, two-week, anniversary and to-do views, as well as a unique Today screen that gives users a daily snapshot of critical appointments and to-dos. Beyond strong agenda and contact applications, Mako encompasses "true" desktop productivity with Microsoft or Lotus-compatible word and spreadsheet applications that offer standard PC formatting options and a range of 2D and 3D charts. Mako also offers a host of other productivity tools, including a note taker, world time manager, scientific/desk calculators and a relational database.


The Diamond Mako synchronizes seamlessly with PCs via its serial port docking station, allowing users to download and manage email, synch agenda and contact data, import or export documents, print documents from the Mako and back up information. Spreadsheets and word processing documents are Microsoft and/or Lotus-compatible and can be converted with the click of a mouse. Additionally, Mako users can connect to other PDAs via the standard infrared port to beam contact data back and forth.


The Diamond Mako offers unmatched mobile connectivity through an optional 56K IR travel modem or through a compatible, data and IR-enabled GSM phone linked to a GSM network service provider. Using either of these connectivity options, Mako's desktop-style email program enables users to send and receive email messages and attachments anytime, anywhere, while Mako's small, fast and user-friendly Opera(TM) web browser supports standard Internet image, lay-out and security formats, allowing users to view and transact business on any website.

Mako's email and web browser are configurable to most POP3-based ISP or corporate accounts and users are not forced to sign up for an additional, proprietary service. In addition, setting up email access and Internet connectivity is easy using Mako's included eSetup application.


At the heart of the Diamond Mako is Symbian's EPOC 32 Release 5.01 operating system. An optimal solution for wireless devices, EPOC 32 delivers robust applications and communications capability in a small footprint. Additionally, based on Symbian's extensive developer network, EPOC delivers Mako users with thousands of third-party software applications, including handwriting recognition tools, file converters, travel databases and many more.

On the silicon side, Mako is powered by a 32-bit, 36MHZ ARM processor and 16MB of RAM, while two embedded, rechargeable batteries provide up to 12 hours of continuous usage.


Priced at $399.00 (MSRP), the Diamond Mako is expected to be available though national retailers such as Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA, Frys, Staples, Amazon, Buy.com, Cyberian Outpost, Egghead, Mobile Planet and S3's eStore starting the week of October 16.

S3 will also be offering a host of Mako accessories that include a 56k travel modem, IR printer pod, extra docking station a sleek carrying case, an extra stylus pack and a USB connector.

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