Sierra Wireless and Metricom Introduce AirCard 400 for Ricochet

First True Type II Wireless PC Card for Ricochet 128

Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ:SWIR)(TSE:SW.) and Metricom, Inc. (NASDAQ: MCOM) today are pleased to introduce a new generation of AirCard(R) - the AirCard 400 for Ricochet, the first wireless PC card for the Ricochet 128 network.

The AirCard 400 for Ricochet operates as an "Always On" wireless network interface card (NIC), not just as a dial-up modem, to provide Ricochet subscribers with reliable high-speed access to mail, data, corporate applications and the Internet. For the first time, it's practical for users to download video and audio files, and graphic-intensive web sites wirelessly.

The new AirCard 400 for Ricochet is currently being demonstrated at booth #613 at the Wireless IT Show.

"We are very pleased to introduce this new generation of AirCard designed specifically for the Ricochet 128 network," said David Sutcliffe, President and CEO, Sierra Wireless. "The AirCard 400 for Ricochet is an excellent addition to our lineup of award-winning AirCard products and offers Ricochet subscribers complete, compelling high-speed wireless data access. We look forward to continuing our work with Metricom as we expand our delivery of wireless solutions to new markets."

The AirCard 400 for Ricochet can be used with laptops, Internet appliances and Pocket PCs with a PCMCIA Type II slot. It allows users to connect to a corporate network or the Internet wirelessly and without the need for a cellular phone. The AirCard 400 for Ricochet works at the speed of an ISDN line, which is three times faster than a dial-up connection.

"Professionals on the go are increasingly relying on the ability to work and communicate remotely. In the very near future, the desire for this connectivity will no longer be borne of convenience, but rather of necessity. The form and quantity of accessed information will absolutely require high-bandwidth solutions," said Timothy Dreisbach, CEO and Chairman, Metricom. "Sierra Wireless' AirCard 400 for Ricochet will not only offer network subscribers another option to access the Ricochet network, but it will allow device vendors the opportunity to provide total solutions embedded in their hardware packaging."

"This exciting announcement is a key step toward Microsoft's vision of information anywhere, any time and on any device," said Rogers Weed, director of Marketing, Mobile Devices Division, Microsoft Corp. "Sierra Wireless' AirCard 400 providing connectivity to the extremely high bandwidth Ricochet wide area network will open up an exciting range of new enterprise and consumer solutions."

The Ricochet network is available in eleven service areas and is being deployed to reach a total of 46 markets in 2001. Commercial delivery of the AirCard 400 for Ricochet is scheduled to commence early in the first quarter of 2001 and is expected to be available through Ricochet Authorized Service Providers.

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