Sygn Software to Deliver Comprehensive Messaging Capability for 3G Wireless Internet

The wireless Internet using third generation technology will revolutionize information access and processing capabilities everywhere.

The diversity of client devices available will be just as revolutionary: letting you choose between Web phones, handheld computers or digital companions, your old-fashioned PC, and more. Sygn Software plans to introduce software perfectly suited for this kind of communication.

Ready for new technologies

Sygn Software expects to release the next generation of its Sygn Manager in Q1 2001 including a comprehensive solution for message processing over the 3G wireless Internet. This means that any short message, a production system signal or e-mail, can be received through any communication device and processed further using installed information structures or business processes.

This new functionality is part of the focused, goal-oriented development of Sygn Manager so it can manage all types of relevant information objects, from whole business processes to single documents and files, regardless of type or format. For example, a GSM base station could automatically send an SMS message to its operator about a power outage, and attach as a document the standard corrective procedures simultaneously retrieved from Sygn Manager's structure.

The Vision Being Realized

"With the 3G network being rolled out, bringing with it the rapid development of alternative client equipment, handhelds, Web phones and the like, we will see increasing demand for a comprehensive interface for true "single point of entry." This interface would let users access all their information resources regardless of format, e-mail, documents, messages, their personal diaries, or file structures, from a single workspace, from anywhere in or out of the office, and regardless of the equipment they have at hand just then. With our next release, we will make real everyone's vision of having their virtual office always available to download from anywhere in the world." says Per-Arne Brattemo, CEO, Sygn Software.

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