The MeT initiative welcomes Siemens as its new member

The three companies that founded the MeT initiative in April, Ericsson, Motorola and Nokia today announced that Siemens has joined the initiative.

The four companies will work together to jointly develop an open and common industry framework for secure mobile electronic transactions. The inclusion of Siemens in MeT is an important step towards the initiative's goal of facilitating fast adoption of trusted mobile commerce services. It was also announced that the first MeT Workshop will take place in

Amsterdam on October 16-18 of this year. Participants to the workshop will have the possibility to influence the future of mobile e-commerce.

MeT will offer consumers a safe and easy way to make e-commerce transactions by using their mobile phone. It will also facilitate the development of innovative new services and applications - benefiting customers and service providers alike.

"The objective of the MeT initiative is to leverage mobile transactions through open standards and wide industry support," said Martti Granberg, Director, Mobile E-Business Technologies, Nokia Mobile Phones and chairman of MeT. "The MeT initiative will utilize existing standards and technologies whenever appropriate, but also define new ones when needed.

Only this way can we achieve the critical mass to create a powerful de facto standardized framework for mobile transactions worldwide. We are therefore extremely pleased to welcome Siemens as a participant in MeT and we look forward to Siemens' contribution to this very important work. At the same time we welcome all other mobile phone manufacturers, who would like to share our basic views, to join MeT."

"Ericsson expects around 600 million mobile Internet users by 2004," says Jan Ahrenbring, Vice President Marketing and Communications at Ericsson Mobile Communications. "The most important thing that is needed to get all these consumers to start using mobile e-commerce is a standard, which makes it safe and easy to use. We are very glad to see more manufacturers sharing this view and we welcome Siemens as a new member in the initiative."

"The MeT initiative is aiming to create a global framework for the development of mobile e-commerce and we are delighted that Siemens is joining MeT to help bring this about," said Charlie Herbert, Director of E-Commerce, Motorola Europe, Middle East and Africa. "Siemens will provide valuable input and we hope that this move will encourage more manufacturers to participate in the initiative."

"Consumers must feel that their mobile devices are personal and secured according to their individual needs," says Georges Boulloy, Vice President Product Marketing of Siemens Mobile Devices. "As a leading provider of mobile phones across Europe and Asia, we are excited to be part of an alliance which will pioneer the future of mobile e-business."

The MeT technologies and concepts will work on all networks, with all services and from all mobile devices and will draw on existing industry standards such as WAP, Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS), Wireless Identification Module (WIM), Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Bluetooth. Privacy and security will be ensured with digital signatures and cryptography services for transaction verification, confidentiality, authentication and non-repudiation. Examples of MeT based applications include secure access and use of personal credit cards, debit cards, loyalty schemes and ticketing.

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