Introduces ThinkAccess, Inc., today announced the availability of ThinkAccess(TM), a feature-rich solution for mobile communication.

Designed to accommodate organizations from small-size businesses to the largest enterprises, ThinkAccess(TM) gives employees greater command over communications and the way they collaborate with customers, partners and colleagues by extending corporate email to mobile devices.

"ThinkAccess(TM) truly delivers on the promise of the mobile Internet, enhancing communications with customers, co-workers and partners at a fraction of the cost compared to other solutions." said Ray Barton, President and CEO, ThinkersGroup. "ThinkAccess(TM) has leveled the playing field between large corporations and small business."

Unlike competitive solutions that offer limited access to specific e-mail applications, ThinkAccess(TM) supports the industry's widest range of e-mail solutions. This flexibility enables companies to allow employees to access key information via any wireless device equipped with a web browser - whether via a Motorola (NYSE:MOT), or Nokia (NYSE:NOK) mobile phone, to a personal data assistant (PDA) like a Palm Pilot (NasdaqNM:PALM). The product's robust features (real-time on the fly access), combined with its broad device support, give mobile organizations unprecedented flexibility and control over corporate communications.

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