UltiVerse Launches Breakthrough Wireless Internet Messaging Solution

One-Device, Cross-Media, Open-Telephony, Low-Cost Solution for Mobile Professionals

UltiVerse Technologies, Inc. today officially unveiled FreeVerse(TM), its award-winning wireless Internet messaging solution. FreeVerse is a real-time, secure, wireless Internet messaging solution that provides remote access to corporate collaboration information - email, voice mail, fax, contacts, calendar and tasks. Using a single device such as a wireless Web phone or personal digital assistant (PDA), users can manage their e-communications as they would with a personal computer. The Waltham, Massachusetts company is demonstrating the solution at the Microsoft Exchange & Collaboration Solutions Conference held at the Dallas Convention Center.

FreeVerse combines wireless, telecommunications, personal computing and the Internet to create powerful and practical applications for the Microsoft Exchange system. FreeVerse offers easy-to-use cross-media functionality, including voice reply to an email, voice attachments to a meeting invitation, and printing hard copies of emails and attachments on fax machines. The UltiVerse solution is available through an Application Service Provider (ASP) model, where customers rent the applications on a monthly basis.

"The wireless Internet market is exploding, and messaging applications for mobile professionals are driving this trend. Wireless Internet messaging is incomplete without the tight integration of telephony and personal computing," said Dr. Rami B. Safadi, UltiVerse president and CEO. "We are proud to be the first wireless Internet messaging company to offer true cross-media functionality, complete security, low cost and convenience. Our open telephony platform allows us to quickly roll out other value-added wireless Internet applications and technologies for mobile professionals, including Wireless Internet Conferencing, Speech Recognition, Text-to-Speech and Instant Messaging," he said.

UltiVerse works with its partners to offer a solution that comprehensively addresses all aspects of security, including Data Security, Network Security and Operations Security. Information resides behind corporate firewalls, and communications are encrypted and sent directly to corporate servers.

"Having real-time, secure access to messages, calendar and contact information gives busy executives a distinct competitive advantage," said Gaugarin Oliver, UltiVerse vice president of marketing. "With UltiVerse there is no need to synchronize with desktops or external systems, carry multiple devices or subscribe to proprietary services. UltiVerse is all about making fast-moving individuals and companies even more productive," he said.

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