Ultradata Systems And Object FX Partner To Offer New Handheld Products For The Internet Travel Market

Ultradata Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:ULTR), announced today it has formed a partnership with ObjectFX Corporation, a privately held software company specializing in Java(TM)-based visualization applications.

The partnership will synergistically combine the technologies of both companies and offer new and unique customer products for the handheld-based Internet travel market.

Ultradata Systems, Inc. has been the leading supplier of stand alone handheld travel computers with over 2,500,000 sold. It has now completed development with ObjectFX of its first Internet handheld product--the Internet Triplink which enables users to download door-to-door directions from the Internet to their handheld and later retrieve data while on the road.

In addition to door-to-door directions, it is also possible to offer current travel discount information, weather conditions, road construction sites and a number of other benefits. The handheld also contains the highway directions to over 60,000 services and towns that are in Ultradata's low-cost stand alone travel computers.

The initial product will have data downloaded via a cable to a PC serial port and operate with any PC which has Internet access. Monte Ross, CEO of Ultradata, commented "The simplicity of use makes this a travel information handheld with mass market potential for every consumer with internet access. Everytime a consumer needs door-to-door directions for one or more trips; they can download this information and call it up as needed for display on the handheld. The unit fits readily in a pocket or purse and weighs less than 4 ounces and cost is far less than anything else on the market."

Ross continued, "Combining the technology and expertise of ObjectFX with our own will open whole new market opportunities. A major challenge for Web-site companies is to get users to consistently return to their sites. By incorporating our product, they solve that problem. This is a sure way to bring them back, time and again to get new sets of directions for another trip, whether its across town or cross country. We have considerable interest from major Internet companies in providing this capability for their members."

Mark Tudor, President and CEO of ObjectFX said "I see our first combined product as the beginning of a strong technical and business relationship. Together, we can address a large and untapped new market for Internet-based navigation and information access products for handheld devices. The synergy between our back-end SpatialFX(TM) Server and Ultradata's handheld technology creates a powerful platform for a whole series unique and desirable consumer products. Tying mobile information devices to back-end applications and content sources is definitely the way of the future."

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