YadaYada Launches Integrated Wireless Service and Personalized Mobile Web Portal for PDAs

YadaYada Inc., the first integrated wireless service provider and personalized mobile Web portal for Palm OS(R) based PDAs, today announced that "Phase I" of its service is now available through 1-800-YadaYada or at www.yadayada.com. "Phase I" users can access any HTML-created Web site using YadaYada's wireless Web browser and send and receive e-mail from up to 6 POP3 e-mail accounts. In addition, users can utilize the "My YadaYada" Web portal to personalize information they would like pushed to their PDAs, such as news, sports scores, stock updates and weather reports.

"YadaYada's launch represents a major step towards providing a truly integrated wireless experience through the combination of wireless Internet access, true Web surfing and information personalization," said Raj Gupta, president of YadaYada. "YadaYada's innovative browser provides access to 100 percent of all HTML-created Web sites, a feature that is not matched by any other wireless ISP. By combining this unparalleled wireless Web access with the personalization features of the `My YadaYada' Mobile Web Portal, YadaYada is providing the most robust and personalized wireless service available for mobile professionals and consumers who need wireless access to manage their daily lives."

YadaYada's mission is to become the premier wireless service in a market that is transforming the way that consumers and professionals conduct business and access information. Worldwide handheld device shipments are expected to grow from 7.4 million in 1999 to 45 million in 2004 (IDC 2000), and global wireless Internet subscribers are projected to grow from 6.6 million in 1999 to 400 million in 2003 (Banc of America Securities LLC, December 1999).


-- Wireless Web

        With YadaYada's Wireless Web service, users can access
        everything they want from the Web, including e-mail and
        any HTML-created Web site in the world. YadaYada's proprietary
        Internet browsing technology will enable users to access every
        HTML Web site on the Internet -- not just sites that have been
        optimized for PDAs, but true "what you see is what you get"
        Web surfing -- including sites built using HTML frames

    --  My YadaYada Mobile Web Portal
        Using the free "My YadaYada" Mobile Web Portal, users can
        create their own personalized page by selecting information
        categories, such as local, national and financial news, local
        weather forecasts, stock quotes, favorite sports teams' scores
        and entertainment. This personalized page can be downloaded
        for free through desktop synchronization or wirelessly using
        the YadaYada Wireless Web service.

    --  QuikSnaps
        YadaYada's innovative "QuikSnaps" allow users to download any
        Web site right onto their PDA - without a modem! In addition
        to YadaYada's list of top sites, users can choose their
        favorite sites in categories such as business, entertainment,
        headline news, sports, travel, weather, stock quotes, and
        entertainment. Content from more than 200 sites will be
        accessible using YadaYada's free QuikSnaps service.

Future phases of the YadaYada launch will feature service enhancements such as "Alerts," which will allow users to wirelessly receive real-time notices of changes to the information that they have flagged. Additional augmentations will include a mobile Business-to-Business (B2B) portal allowing business professionals real-time access to important industry-related information, as well as allowing them to maintain a universally synchronized PIM (personal information manager) with applications such as address book, calendar and to-do list and email from multiple existing accounts.

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