Bonita Software Announces Rollout Strategy for Java Technology-Based ToGo Mobile Solutions

Applications Designed to Provide Intuitive Use of Mobile Wireless Devices

Bonita Software Inc. unveiled its roadmap for ToGo(R) Mobile Solutions, a Java(TM) technology-based solution to support and mobilize information and applications to any type of wireless device. The announcement was made at Sun Microsystems' Mobile Wireless Solutions Fair.

The company outlined its strategy for its ToGo Mobile Solutions suite that includes ToGo(R) Applications, ToGo(R) Provisioning Platform and ToGo(R) Developers Kit and APIs. The staged rollout will start with the commercial availability of ToGo Applications in the first quarter of 2001. The ToGo Applications include LDAP supported directory look-up, email and expense reporting. ToGo Applications are designed so that one version of an application can be seamlessly administered to any type of mobile wireless device equipped with Sun's Java 2 Platform Micro Edition (J2ME(TM)). This will allow an administrator to easily support different types of devices that are being used by their users, from a PDA to a mobile phone.

ToGo Applications are designed to work efficiently on mobile devices, effectively handling the constraints and maximizing the capabilities of each device. For example, ToGo email can be configured for a wireless Internet-enabled phone to review and respond to the most recent messages by viewing just the subject headings. Users can also connect to multiple POP or IMAP email servers on the fly, allowing them to use the same phone to view and respond to different email accounts. The concurrency functionality of ToGo applications presents one view of the data and application eliminating the need for data synchronization. Further, ToGo Applications free the user from the constraints of the WAP browser-based method allowing them to execute and access the applications regardless if the device is in a connected or disconnected mode, making ToGo Applications ideal for mobile use.

"In the rapidly growing wireless market, carriers require a secure, well supported, open platform to deploy the same content to a variety of mobile devices. Java 2 Micro Edition provides this functionality, allowing manufacturers and carriers to differentiate and provide more value to their subscribers," said Curtis Sasaki, director of marketing, Consumer Technologies at Sun Microsystems, Inc. "Bonita's ToGo Mobile Solutions suite helps companies ensure that their applications will extend to any type of mobile device, any time and anywhere." Bonitas ToGo Developers Kit will be made available to selected independent software vendor partners and developers to quickly extend their existing solutions to mobile devices by writing one version of their application that can be deployed out to multiple devices and to leverage the complete benefits of a ToGo-ready application. The first offerings of ToGo Mobile Solutions, ToGo Applications, will be commercially available in Q1 of 2001 followed by the ToGo Provisioning Platform and the ToGo Developers Kit in Q2 of 2001.

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