Centura Software Showcases Mobile Solutions at COMDEX/Fall 2000

Centura will demonstrate their Mobile Sales Force Application in Palm Computing Booth No. L6156

Centura(R) Software Corp. (Nasdaq:CNTR), a leading global provider of solutions that mobilize the enterprise, today announces at COMDEX/Fall 2000 their presence in Palm's Booth No. L6156. Centura will demonstrate alongside Palm, their mobile application platform that enables business-critical data and existing applications from the backend to the Web and wireless environments via handheld devices and other Information Appliances (IA). This year, COMDEX/Fall 2000 will incorporate a focus on e-mobility, validating Centura's vision in the rapidly expanding mobile market.

The Centura demonstrations include a wireless Mobile Sales Force Automation (SFA) Solution based on Centura's Mobile Application Platform, eSNAPP, which will use a CDPD network to access a remote corporate database, using a Palm Vx and a Minstrel Modem. Centura's ultra-small footprint secure database, db.star for Palm, will be used for local data storage on the handheld device. In addition, Centura will showcase wireless end-to-end access to corporate data using eSNAPP on a Local Area Network using Symbol SPT 1740 Palm OS devices.

Centura's solutions are designed to address several important challenges that businesses seeking to empower their mobile workforce face today. At COMDEX/Fall 2000, Centura will demonstrate how its solutions enable a variety of devices to access enterprise data in real-time, ensuring business decisions are made with the most up-to-date information available. The platform enables enterprise customers to overcome issues such as constrained storage on the device and discontinuous connections -- common in today's burgeoning mobile world. In addition, Centura's product suite ensures companies that their sensitive business critical information will remain secure --even when it is transmitted beyond the corporate firewall.

"The mobile enterprise space is evolving very rapidly and COMDEX provides us with an ideal venue to highlight the technology that is being used by today's forward thinking companies. The fact that COMDEX is focusing on the wireless market reinforces our message regarding the growing importance of enabling mobile workers to access real-time, secure data remotely via handheld devices," said Scott Broomfield, Chairman and CEO of Centura Software. "Centura is proud to demonstrate a pivotal piece of our mobile software suite, alongside a leader in the handheld space such as Palm."

Each year, COMDEX/Fall presents the world's largest and most influential IT event. This year's event will incorporate a focus on e-mobility, which will examine the trends in the burgeoning wireless and mobile communications market. Comdex 2000 will host more than 2,300 exhibiting companies, thousands of product launches, and service more than three and a half million buyers, resellers, IT professionals, developers and corporate managers.

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