Endeavors Technology Unleashes P2P Power For The Wireless Web

Peer-to-Peer Software Leader Delivers Real-World Solutions for Fleet Management and Field Service

By 2005, according to Gartner, over three billion wireless handheld devices will have been shipped worldwide.

Over half are likely to be the ubiquitous mobile phone, now poised to be metamorphosed into a transportable Internet business tool for such data-intensive industries as fleet management and field service.

At the heart of the transformation of the Internet-enabled phone will be a new generation of software, such as Magi(TM), from peer-to-peer (P2P) software leader, Endeavors Technology Inc. Its solutions are already in use over the National Wireless Network.

"Mobile workers have traditionally relied on pager, cell phones and digital two-way radio service," said Mike Hutchison, dispatch solution business manager at Endeavors Technology. He adds: "Now, with the convergence of wireless and Magi peer-to-peer technology, mobile workers will no longer be disconnected from the business process."

Endeavors Technology has already rolled out two Magi solutions --MagiDispatch(TM) and MagiRemote(TM).

MagiDispatch allows companies with mobile workforces to fully automate their operation from order entry through accounts receivable. It puts the strength of the wireless interface directly into the hands of drivers wherever they might be and allows them to review complete job information, update status changes, and enter additional information such as proof of delivery directly from their Web-enabled phone. A key feature of MagiDispatch is its graphic-based, drag and drop environment for multiple customized distributed processes as defined by business or personal workflow needs.

MagiRemote is an economical Web-based service for dispatching, remote customer service, and field service communications. The service is provided via a proven Web-based application and Internet-enabled phones to share key job and customer information with field personnel. With MagiRemote, dispatchers or customer service managers send assignments and customer information to field personnel who, in turn, send back key status data and real-time job updates.

Brian Morrow, president and chief operating officer of Endeavors Technology, commented: "Peer-to-peer is all about simplifying the way that information flows between, and is shared by, every type of Internet-enabled device. Endeavors' MagiDispatch and MagiRemote solutions typify how the power and ingenuity of P2P software is being harnessed with wireless technology to transform the Web into a truly interactive medium for business on the move."

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