Extended Systems Ships Bluetooth Software Version 1.2 for Handheld Devices

Adds Support Module for VxWorks & Device Drivers for Cambridge and TI Radios

Extended Systems (Nasdaq:XTND), a leading provider of mobile data management and wireless connectivity solutions, announced today that it has begun shipping Version 1.2 of XTNDAccess Blue SDK, a multi-purpose software development kit (SDK) for implementing Bluetooth wireless protocols in handheld devices.

Version 1.2 of the SDK is based on Bluetooth specification version 1.1 draft release(a). The new software release will be one of several products reviewed at this weeks' Unplugfest 4, in Seattle Nov. 6-9. Unplugfest 4 is a Bluetooth-sponsored event that brings together the industry's R&D teams to test and share development information and is designed to further interoperability and support strict compliance to Bluetooth standards.

1.2 Supports Cambridge, Texas Instruments radios as well as VxWorks RTOS

Extended Systems' XTNDAccess Blue SDK Version 1.2 adds radio device driver support for Cambridge Silicon Radio and Texas Instruments baseband and radio chipset technology. USB HCI transport and serial drivers for Silicon Wave radios as well as UART serial drivers for Ericsson radios were previously included along with sample applications and complete documentation. Fact sheets outlining radio-specific test and integration work are also included.

A separate module includes complete support for Windrivers' VxWorks, the embedded marketplaces' leading real-time operating system (RTOS). Extended Systems' Bluetooth software development kit for embedded devices, XTNDAccess Blue SDK, has been ported to run on the VxWorks RTOS. It enables original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), who use this OS, to quickly implement the technology and bring Bluetooth products to market.

"XTNDAccess Blue SDK's support for Cambridge Silicon Radio and Texas Instruments Bluetooth hardware will help accelerate Bluetooth implementation in cell phones and other consumer electronics devices, where these chips are predominantly being used," said Steve Simpson, president and CEO of Extended Systems. "Bluetooth support for VxWorks is an important advancement and will greatly enhance our ability to expand our customer base of developers and manufacturers in the embedded marketplace."

To date, Extended Systems has licensed its Bluetooth embedded protocols software to Palm, 3Com, Motorola, Fujitsu and others for implementation in next-generation products. And, many more companies are moving to use the stack to develop products that will be introduced later this year and early next.

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